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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Chocolatey-Rich Finale & A Delicious Beginning .... (Theobroma Chocolate Lounge & Delicious)

My last meal (more like desserts ....) for 2008 and my (un)officially first meal to appease that sweet tooth for 2009 (sans that lacklustre TENJI experience!) ....


Food of the GODS?!!! Wow .... I worship thee, oh chocolatey goddess!!!

Dark Chocolate Frappe (or something along the line ...) RM12.90
Chocolate Souffle de Paris (RM14.90)
Theobroma Chocolate Lounge has been on the blogosphere since last year, when the pioneer outlet opened in 1Utama. Since then they've opened another outlet in Pavilion, and has been gaining steam. Sort of.

The strawberries drizzled with luscious, milky and thick chocolate sauce
Of course, with a name like Theobroma CHOCOLATE Lounge, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what type of food they serve. Mostly desserts, with some savoury options, if you're not a fan of the cocoa, or something sweet, stay away.

The souffle was a disappointment. I was expecting the soft, crumbly type of souffle, but instead the chocolate souffle resembled a chocolate muffin at most. Yup, a little dry, though the dark chocolate was sweeter than I'd imagined. Fortunately, the chocolate sauce drizzled onto the strawberries was luscious, though left us hanging; Chocolate cravings un-satiated.
Thankfully, the Dark Chocolate Frappe saved the day. With a tinge of bitterness amidst the sweet concoction, with just enough whipped cream to not overwhelm the flavour, the beverage was rather filling. Had it been a tad thicker, with extra chocolatey-oomph, it'd be a perfect chocolate drink.
Fast Forward 2 days .... into 2009 !!!!

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Blueberry and Apple Crumble
Where else for satisfying desserts, and a chatter under the shining spotlights, than at Delicious? The sinful chocolate cake still had me singing praises (click HERE for the virginal experience), and this time around, the sweetness was slightly toned down (thank goodness!), but still managed to evoke that sense of guilt+satisfaction, the instant the warm chocolate cake paired with the cold, creamy vanilla ice-cream entered your mouth.
Since most items on the menu were not available that evening, we had to rely on the waitress' recommendation for a blueberry and apple crumble. Still prefer the peach and apple version, as the tartness of the blueberries, contrasting to the sweet vanilla ice-cream, and the warm crumbles may not bode well with some.
Here's to a DELICIOUS 2009 !!! =)

Location : Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Lot C4.05.02, Level 4, Pavilion KL. Tel No : 603-2143 4149.
Location : Delicious Cafe @ Lot G316, Ground Floor,1 Utama Phase 2 (New Wing), Bandar Utama. Tel : 603-77241086


cariso said...

Wow..all chocolate. THICK THICK one somemore. *I back off!* :)

minchow said...

Ooh too bad about the souffle at Theobrama, the photo totally suggests otherwise though! You've invoked my Delicious yearning once again... CHOCOLATE, on the double!

Rebecca Saw said...

Delicious somehow manages to maintain their quality so far..a gd thing..

Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh. I am so dying here. All that CHOCOLATE. It's MINE, MINE I TELL YOU!

*calms down*

I'm sorry. I just get that way with chocolate. Yay.

adeL said...

I am particularly interested in Souffle de Paris, it looked heavy and sinfully rich..
Mind to enligthen me the details of its texture?
Salivating now..

~Christine~Leng said...

I wanna try Theobroma! hehe... so alluring :) yumz

Allie said...

Wah! Chocolate... my favourite! All looks so delicious to me... Why Penang don't have any outlet? *geram*

Anonymous said...

the souffle doesn't even look like a souffle....(I'm sure u follow my blog enough to know what a souffle looks like)

Also the crumble looks poor - and you can't say that the ingredients are not available in Malaysia... crumble is like the most basic thing that school kids get taught to make in Home Economics here.. (it is made of flour, sugar and butter...) I highly suspect they use instant crumble (which does give the texture you photographed) rather than making their own (which would be cheaper and tastes better)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Arrrgggghhh...... how come I didn't see this outlet keh????

:( Oooo.... I love chocolates!!!!

Anonymous said...

Walked by the 1U outlet yesterday and my friend actually dragged me away from the counter ^^

adeL said...

Yes agree with genuiness post above that the souffle is really not looking like a souffle..if Motormouth could describe the texture of it , i'm curious to know..
Crumble is made of very simply rubbing demerera sugar, flour and butter and voila! It is supposed to be grainy and fresh looking..

Anonymous said...

I wasn't at all impressed with the desserts at Theobroma. I remember their waffle being hard and dry, almost like it was premade and they reheated it days later. The chocolate drinks are nice, though.

J2Kfm said...

cariso : hahaha... y back off? :)

550ml jar of faith : not, its nothing like souffle, no matter what the name suggests.

thenomadGourmand : yeah, I agree. though sometimes the service was nothing to shout about.

Life for Beginners : LOL. completely understood how u felt. I'm facing the same ...'dilemma' sometimes.

adel: sorry this took so long, i completely forgot to reply any comments for this post. the texture? seriously? it's like a muffin/cake. nothing too extraordinary.

christine : hehe, go for Godiva, another outlet in Pavilion, which some claimed to be better.

Allie : least Penang got Haagen Dazs, right? Ipoh only Baskin Robbins. hmm ...

genuiness : thanks for the explanation. yup, the crumble was a bit rough, but on the whole, rather satisfying. the souffle on the other hand .... was a chocolate muffin.

NKOTB : this one exists in Pavilion, and 1U. think Sunway Pyramid also got, is it?

jason : away from the counter, as in you're salivating over the choco? or negative feedback?

adeL : probably my pic was not that good, the lighting was rather dim. but the crumble was indeed, slightly rough, and large bits here n there ... but the filling and ice cream was good.

Lyrical Lemongrass : yeah, the drinks are good. thankfully I didnt go for the waffles!

ai wei said...

gosh!!! chocolatesssss

i want TheoBroma!!!

e??? theoBroma sounds like it is an CNS stimulant. can't rmb... mayb a mistake :P

J2Kfm said...

yes, ai wei, Theobromine is same group (or nearly) with Theophylline.