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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A YUM(my) Lou Sang Experience? (Yum Yum Restaurant @ Ipoh)

The net connection's acting up lately. Ever since b4 CNY, the line's been throwing tantrum, possibly in a holiday mood as much as I'm in now.

Btw, it's another public holiday in Perak today. Envious? =P

The myriad of colours, shape and sizes look appealing .... but WHERE'S DA FISH?!!!
A little on our (somewhat) compulsory annual get-together lunch. Last year it was at Assam House in Greentown. This year it was 'destined' to be at Yum Yum Restaurant in Greentown, serving delectable Nyonya/Thai/Chinese cuisine. Ipohans would recognize this restaurant which has been in operation for a good many years. (Yup, another one of those oldies but goodies place in Ipoh .... for those wondering)

Crazy tossin' a plenty, swearing's a no-no, but "flowery" words are compulsory ....
The set for 10 pax cost RM298 nett, including rice, and chinese tea. 6 dishes (VERY large portion!) plus 'Yee Sang'. Google that up, for those in the dark. But serenaded by the Chinese New Year's sense of camaraderie, one can't help but wonder, "What else can the restaurants come up with, as an alternative to the good ol' traditional Yee Sang?"
Here at Yum Yum, we were rather surprised (shocked's more like it!) to discover a platter of Yee Sang, WITHOUT the slices of raw fish!!!!! The horror of it all. Explanation was demanded promptly, and the lady nonchalantly explained that since Yum Yum's a HALAL (or pork-free, I'm not sure) restaurant, they can't serve raw fish but instead substituted with chicken meat floss! Ahem, OKAY .... but doesn't that completely forsake the true meaning of Yee Sang? Or Lou Sang?
Yum Yum Fried Chicken
But not one to complain during the festivities (LOL), we concurred and tossed, flinged, and crossed swords (chopsticks, I mean!) and hoped/prayed for a fruitful year ahead. And meat floss with Yee Sang ain't too bad either. But I still prefer my fish, TQ.
The chicken can be cooked in a variety of ways, and we picked Yum Yum Signature style ala Inchi Kabin fried chicken. Crispy, marinated well and tender flesh, each had at least 2-3 pcs.

Assam Golden Pomfret
Fish was cooked in assam gravy, not spicy at all, but rather sour with extra tamarind juices added for good measure. However, the fish failed to deliver, with a rather fishy taste and somewhat watery gravy. Served with plentiful of ladies' finger and half a tomato atop the fish.

Sambal Prawns
De-shelled prawns are good, no matter how you cook it. Reason being I'm rather lazy to peel them off myself. Hahaha .... Though the sambal gravy was seriously in need of a kick, a notch up in the spiciness/tanginess department would do fine by me. But minor consolation came in the form of fresh, succulent prawns.

The Greens? .... Choy Tam.

I can't sing praises for the greens, can't I? But the portion's definitely scary. HUGE pile of greens sufficient to feed a cow. Or ox, being the auspicious animal of the NIU year!

Brocolli, Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms and Beancurd sheets
Disappointment comes next, the platter of brocolli and friends was nothing to shout about, and the beancurd sheets (foo chuk) was a little off, with a faint hint of staleness. Half a plate was left untouched for the duration of the meal.

Nyonya Pineapple Squids
Best dish in my opinion was the squids cooked in a sweet, spicy and tangy sauce, with pineapple cubes, red chillies, and capsicums. Bouncy, fresh squids are perfect with the complementing sauce.
With some hits, some misses, and some surprises, the meal at Yum Yum served as a bonding session with friends and ex-colleagues, more than a feast. But sometimes, it's the thought, and company that matters, right?
Location : YUM YUM RESTAURANT @ 5, Persiaran Greenhill, 30450 Ipoh. Tel : 605- 253 7686. Got MAP !!!
Still, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR .... !!! We're merely at the halfway mark now, so there's no reason to let up and not celebrate away !!! ^_^


Selba said...

I want! I want!

I've never done "yee sang" in my life! :D

Anonymous said...

chicken floss with yee sang? mhmm, can't imagine :P

yay to celebrating away! feast on :D

Anonymous said...

yeap, sometimes whether the food is tasty or not doesn't really matter. as long as you have great company.

even if there's the world's best food in front of you, but you have to eat alone.. it's meaningless...

Ciki said...

how come you have a holiday and i don't... grrrrrr !!!! :P

choi yen said...

meat floss replace the fish slices ar? Hehe, "ngam" me ler...since I can't take raw food now ^.^

minchow said...

Any place bothered to shell their prawns get a big thumbs up from me too! But on the other hand... yee sang without the yee... I don't know how that balances out.

cariso said...

NO salmon mana boleh leh? :)

Anonymous said...

No raw fish? I should have attend :)

ahlock said...

Thanks for this post. Now, that's more like CNY. Especially the Yee Sang, my fav dish which I only got to gobble down once a year ;)

Last year, I was at Assam House too. This year, 1919 ... The Yee Sang at 1919 is not as 'spectacular' as the one served in Assam House (Greentown).

HairyBerry said...

wow, u are still in the cny mood. good for ya! and kl gets another 2 mondays off in feb...

me across the causeway is jeles. *munching leftover fried meat to release tension*..haha!

chicken floss in the yu sang. now that's interesting. taste good?

ahlock said...

Poor me also no holiday. Boss say year of cow, so must work like one :)

Anonymous said... had some nice yee sang what...

i went to lee how fook for yee sang..the yee sang was nice, coz it had raw fish, but the mee was TERRIBLE!! DO NOT GO THERE AND ORDER LEE HOW FOOK SIGNATURE MEE!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

my relative told me recently their food is getting real salty. wonder why....

J2Kfm said...

Selba : think Indon chinese restaurants got right?

jasmine : i also, initially. but somehow the taste was ok, quite tasty also.

vkeong : so true. but sometimes have to eat alone also ma ... life's like that.

CUmi & Ciki : hahaha, come back Ipoh lah. can get holidays. aiya, thaipusam also near liao ...

mimid3vils : yeah, for the time being only. i'll see by end of yr how u gonna eat your raw sashimi!

550ml jar of faith : another lazy prawn-peeler?! yeah!

cariso : yeahloh. but maybe for the HALAL-ness of it all, they cant put raw fish.

jason : hmm, u also meh?! i tot wmw only!

ahlock : haha, u like your Chinese food aint ya? :) i din bother posting bout my reunion dinner, which was at Soon Fatt, btw. not bad, and rather cheap.

Nic: still in the zone! :) 5 more days ... then life gets back to mundane origins.

Wen Xuan : lee how fook nice right? pity bout the noodles though.

NKOTB : salty? not really that bad. probably they're cooking for too many ppl?

Christina Kim said...

Yo, Happy CNY to you too!:)
I am so jealous of your public hol lar....don't rub it in k:p
First FT day now Ipoh also has another day off....heheh, but we're getting Thaipusam off too next week;)

I am also gaping (with jaw open) that your Yee Sang was with Chicken??? Hahaha.....sounds like 'Kai' Sang pun intended:p
Hmmmm...seems like most of your dishes are spicy and red hot ones....ahahhaa, must be sweating it all out yea?;)

But auspiciously speaking, wishing you a bright and blastin' year ahead and definitely a GREAT GREAT year for you and your family yea!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh... your yee sang is definitely more colourful than the one I had! Mine was too red and orange... not enough green stuff! :(

Rebecca Saw said...

Good fr u, got holiday! ;) BUT seriously the Perak thingy is a fiasco..Pineapple squids, i like!

fatboybakes said...

ooh, they have yee sang? nyonya right? i love the food here.

J2Kfm said...

Christy : hey there, all the most auspicious wishes to u as well!
the restaurant serves Nyonya-Thai food mostly, hence the burning colours. but not spicy, rest assured!

Life for Beginners : really? I tot mine looked ... normal, and lifeless without the fish though.

thenomadGourmand : at this point of time, the Perak fiasco is disheartening, to say the least.

FBB : almost EVERY chinese restaurants got yee sang. rubbing it in ma ...

Anonymous said...

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