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Friday, February 6, 2009

Tired of the Same Old Satay? (Try Pork Satay @ Xiang Ji, Melaka)

Some remnants from the Dec 08 Melaka stash ....

The stove(pit?) for grilling the skewers of porky goodness ain't big, which made me wonder how the guy's gonna cope with a large crowd?
In Melaka, there are a few outlets famous for serving satay (grilled meat on skewers with spicy peanut sauce) that's on the other end of HALALness meter. The highly acclaimed PORK Satay, proving once and for all, Melaka's NOT only famous for its Satay Celup.

The raw stuff .... perfectly skewered
A few doors away from Nadeje Patisserie, was a satay restaurant named Ming's Sate Hut. But the place was rather dark, empty, and isolated, therefore we cancelled the thought and ended up at Nadeje's.
Then on the last day, we were stumped on whereto for lunch. It was either Nyonya food, or Pork Satay for us. After the rather heavy Chicken Rice Ball at Chung Wah for breakfast, followed closely by Jonker 88's Durian Cendol dessert, we opted for the 'lighter' (somewhat) choice. :)
The usual condiments - Ketupat (sticky rice dumpling), cucumber and onions
So we ventured to Xiang Ji Pork Satay, which was closed the night before. The concept of eating here is different. More to Ipoh's Kong Heng's satay style, whereby they'll place a certain amount of skewers on your table ala buffet style, and you eat to your heart's content (or til your bottomless pit can't hold) and the remaining skewers returned untouched. No, don't ever take into account the hygienic factor, or the possibility of someone biting into your satay before it's placed in front of you. Hahaha ....

BBQ to perfection, with limited grease and burnt edges ....
Marinated intensely, more than your usual chicken/beef satay in Malay 'warung', the pork meat was surprisingly very tender, with a cut of FAT sandwiched in the middle.
The tangy, sweet and spicy satay sauce
The peanut sauce was slightly different, as it was a bit sour, thanks to the chopped pineapple bits added. Yup, only at Melaka's satay outlets. But personally, I prefer Kajang satay's peanut sauce, with spicy sambal for that much-needed kick!

Yup, the middle block belongs to the FAT ... the juicy, guilt-ridden portion

But really, the satay needs NO gravy or condiments. Eaten on its own, the meat was flavourful and succulent enough, and I ended up downing more that I intended, for a 'light' lunch. Whoops. At a mere 55cents per stick, who can blame me?

Location : Xiang Ji Pork Satay @ 50, Jalan Portugis, Melaka. Very near to Jonker Street, opposite SRJK Pay Teck, a Chinese school. Got MAP !!!

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Bakeling said...

That must be very delicious ! Why Ipoh no satay khinzir ?

If you know where can get such satay , let us know .

mycroft said...

pork + satay, wat could be a better combination?
heard there is also a stall selling pork satay in old town pj, but yet to try tat out.
yalor, y ipoh dun hav one...

Rebecca Saw said...

so u managed to cover most of the Melaccan delights when ur there!

cariso said...

Wah...dah long time odi no taste pork satay!

ahlock said...

Ipoh DOES have one...oldtown. Which restaurant, sorry, I'm not sure. Read it in the papers and heard from friends.

Sate has always been my all time favourite. Wherever I go, if there is a sate stall, I'd be tempted to try it out. So, my conclusion, if you are wondering, the best I've tasted is still the malay stall in Ding Hao foodcourt in Jln Pasir Puteh, formerly Shatin Court. So yummy!

ahlock said...

...and...and...Melaka is my favourite travel destination after Cameron Highlands. Haven't been there for many years. Must organise a trip there this year. Hope the road haven't change much.

minchow said...

For some strange reason, I couldn't locate this place my last trip to Melaka despite being armed with specific instructions! Luckily managed to sample some at the old Newton food court but I have to go back for this!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lousy Malaccan I am! I didn't have any of this the last time I went back! :P

~Christine~Leng said...

i only have pork satay like... once in a blue moon ;P love them.
Just had chicken satay here in Glasgow last week and I was.... in cloud nine already! really miss Msian food... ;P

Selba said...

yummy... pork satay!

It's different than ours here in Indonesia where pork satay is usually tick and without peanut/dipping sauce.

iamthewitch said...

Wow I didn't know Melaka is famous for satay too. It's always just Kajang to me. LOL. But the pictures look delicious! Of course, the hygiene factor is a bit of a concern. :P

foodbin said...

is he a one man show?

choi yen said...

A good satay must have FAT in the middle!!!

J2Kfm said...

Bakeling : yeah, indeed it's something special from the norms.
Ipoh HAS pork satay, infact. For a good many years already!
it's at Kong Heng Coffee Shop in Old Town of Ipoh, Jln Bandar Timah.
but of course ... some negative stories about the stall painted a rather ... dark image in my mind.

mycroft : Ipoh GOT! refer above. =P lazy retype.

thenomadGourmand : erm, except Satay Celup as I'm no fan of those, sorry.

cariso : go for it! am sure there's somewhere in KL you can get one?

ahlock : yup, the Shatin Court one. but 60 cents already right? the darn inflation ...
the roads are more or less the same. but driving around shouldnt be a prob (aside from the jam) as many road signs to assist.

550ml jar of faith : oh, be sure not to go at night, as there's a dai chow restaurant named Ji Xiang or something like that, a few doors away. this being Xiang Ji, we were nearly 'conned'. LOL.

Life for Beginners : hmm, its ok. time to go back home again? :)

Christine : hahaha.. wondering how much per stick they;re selling over there?

Selba : no sauce? oh, like Thai's grilled meat I'd reckon.

iamthewitch : hygiene wise... shouldnt be too bad. since they were 'skewer-ing' the meat right in front of the customers on a table. very organized, and clean.

foodbin : nope. he was grilling them alright, but the skewering part was completed by a staff of 3-4.

mimid3vils : YEAH! the fat part dominates all the rest!