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Thursday, October 30, 2008

PASTA de GOHAN @ Sunway Pyramid - Pasta, Re-Mixed?

I was attracted to Pasta de Gohan ever since others in the blogosphere raved about the countless pastas they serve, and how their outlets in Singapore are performing really well in terms of revenues and popularity. They're known as Pasta de Waraku over the straits though.
Japanese Casual Pasta & Cafe Restaurant - "Casual" is an understatement here.
The past week I was stuck in Sunway Pyramid for 4 straight days, attending a conference at Sunway Convention Centre. Food's provided, but a dismal affair, at best. Once the lunch was so horrible that we went scavenging for food way past lunch hours. And so we ended up at Pasta De Gohan located at Sunway Pyramid's new wing, LG2 level. Next to JCo Donuts & Coffee.
The chic, bright and airy interior of the restaurant
Searching for a cafe serving tea time set was not a stroll in the park. But most outlets serving snacks, be it sweet or savoury, though fit the bill, but we were craving for something substantial (to fill the void in our guts, obviously) yet not of the fast food variety.
Passing by Paste de Gohan, Pancake House International and JCo Donuts (they're all side by side), the choice was downsized to the former two, as the queue for the doughnuts was building up. It was peak hour for them anyway. And browsing at Pasta de Gohan's menu, we were attracted to their value sets served from 2pm til 7pm (I think).
Vanilla Float and Fresh Grapefruit Juice (complimentary with the sets ordered)
It was 2 hours before dinner, hence we shared two sets among the trio of hungry souls. The sets include either a pizza, a doria (rice baked with cheese and mayo sauce), or a gratin (penne baked with cheese), and served with a juice of your choice, or vanilla float.
Prawn & Chicken Gratin - Penne with Wafu Cream Sauce
The portions are not overwhelming, but sufficient for intermittent meals. Baked with lots of creamy cheese and wafu (Japanese dressing) sauce, the penne served was minimal, but the fresh, and succulent shrimps made up for any losses. The tender chicken strips was a nice addition as well.

Doria - Spicy Cod Roe & Potato (Rice with Wafu mentai mayonnaise sauce)

Oozing with cheese; melted, creamy and glorious cheese, the rice baked with potatoes and spicy cod roe could be a meal on its own. The spicy cod roes provided much of the flavour, slightly spicy and saltish, topping the bland baked potatoes, and complemented perfectly by the creamy cheese melting onto the rice with wafu sauce. A perfect combination, if there ever was one.

The Gratin set was priced at RM13.80, while the Doria set was RM12.80. The selection of pasta at Pasta de Gohan is mind-boggling. I did not bother to count, but there were at least 50 types of pasta cooked with any methods imaginable. Fusion, hybrid, un-original (or original), or whatever the detractors may say, one can NEVER be bored with the endless selections here.

Location : PASTA de GOHAN @ LG2.126A, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3, Jln PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel : 603-5621 8166

Here's some fusion-ized pasta-lovers : kampungboycitygal, Christine, masak-masak, & Ai Wei


Christina Kim said...

Oh yeah, I've seen this place when I was in Sunway Pyramid but we didn't try:p
Looks really good from your pics though;)

Anonymous said...

wow, the food not only looks great, price is very very reasonable too! I gotta mark down this place

email2me said...

I like their pizza more. Especially the prawns and scallop pizza. It is something special vs. traditional Italian style.

Rebecca Saw said... that's what a doria is.. Is it different from the Kim Gary cheese baked rice thingy? Seems like the same...

Ciki said...

we didn't get to try the potato but it looks goooood! that will be next on our list!

J2Kfm said...

christy : thanks. my pics dont do them justice, trustme.

vkeong : the reasonably priced sets for tea time only. ala carte orders of pasta from RM20-RM40 I think.

email2me : yup, a fusion of Italian and Japanese food. still miss Kissaten Char Siew pizza. =P

thenomadgourmand : erm, cant really say the same. but concept more or less. this one got wafu - Japanese soy sauce dressing, and the cheese not very soft and creamy one.

cumi & ciki : will try their pasta next time around.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

charging cheaper at times when you "should" not eat?? hmmm sounds like a good brunch and come here n eat after!

minchow said...

Oof, cod roe for tea?! Yes, that'll do thank you very much. I'm a little put off by their prices outside of the promo set window though. But maybe it's coz I haven't tasted the real remarkable pastas yet.

Tummythoz said...

Wanted to try the other day but got a bit too stressed out just choosing what to order from their display window. Went for mamak.

HairyBerry said...

ROFL laughing at tummythoz's comment!!!!actually, it's kinda true. the choices are endless!

love how the japanese blend mentai into western cuisine...

Jason said...

The potatoes look kinda weird, hahah. So it was worth the trip no?

Anonymous said...

lol @ tummythoz's comment

J2Kfm said...

joe : haha, typical HK style. lunch at 2pm and after - beat the crowd and save some $!

550ml jar of faith : yeah, me too. but everywhere else they're charging more or less the same price for pasta (eg.pasta zanmai, and various Italian food outlets).

tummythoz : hahaha ... got mamak there meh? =P simply point loh, dun get stressed out.

nic : and gladly it works. sometimes too fusion-ized til the taste goes way off.

jason : they're covered by the roes ma. eh, din eat out that much this time around. kinda holding back a little. hehe ...

vkeong : haha, hope you do not face the same problem there!

backStreetGluttons said...

we have not tried any shop in this new wing , but believe the eating out style cafes here will soon become more Singaporean as the new different 1 Boss from dot under takes strong hold

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

A alot Food Bloggers went there b4.
Too bad i dun hv the time when i came back this summer -_-"
Muz go there next year! XD

J2Kfm said...

backstreetgluttons : oh really? then we expect to see more Spore chain outlets I suppose.

Jeromefo : have to wait til next summer then? but by then, a whole lotta new restaurants wouldve sprung up!

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