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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur - Satiates That Nagging Sweet Cravings?

If you're bogged down by the promises made by the (in)competent ministries in our country, promising the heavens but instead delivering lowly dirts, then you're probably not alone.
But seek solace in the Ministry of Food, a refreshing paradigm shift, a light at the end of the tunnel, a requiem for the masses. OK, for the sweet-toothed ones, at the very least. ;)

Ladies & gentlemen, the newest (or at least, new to me!) addition to the ever-expanding line up of eateries in Pavilion, the MINISTRY OF FOOD !!!

Read about this chic cafe serving Japanese style desserts and beverages from other food blogs over the past few months. A timely resurgence of interest to Pavilion's rather lacklustre range of restaurants and simple cafes. 'Twas either too taxing on the wallet (restaurants on top floor, especially), or the meagre run-of-the-mill outlets at the lower ground floor.

Of course I can't deny the appeal of some, the new Mr Baoz from Taiwan is interesting, but mixed reviews had me doubting. And when one's craving for some snacks/desserts, it's either JCo's donuts (there's a limit to the fresh appeal of the doughnut craze, and I've reached that long time ago), The Loaf's pastries and still-delectable Uh-Hu-Hu Cheesecakes, and John King's egg tarts.

Place your order and pay at the counter before you're served
MOF (Ministry of Food) hailed from Singapore, and practising a rather interesting concept, serving Japanese styled desserts (Hokkaido gelato ice-cream, Kakigori/Shaved Ice, Imo/Japanese sweet potaotes, Sundae etc) and beverages (green tea shakes, anyone?).

Cozy and bright ambience
The shop's located next to Pastamania on Level 1, which in fact is the lower ground floor where Food Republic's at. MOF faces Mercato Supermarket, so if you're at Carl's JR's side, then you're at the opposite end. The selection of desserts are mind-boggling, easily appeasing any dessert-lovers, and may convert a doubter into one.
Pick your spot, listen to 'cheerful' (yet half-hearted) attempts of Irrashaimase (Welcome, in Japanese) and browse the menu conveniently placed under the table. The order tabs and a pencil are on the table itself, hence jot down your preference(s) and pay at the counter. They DO NOT charge Service Charge, so don't grumble. =P

Shira Sesame Hokkaido Gelato Mini (RM9)
A variety of flavours are available with regards to the ice-cream options, and we picked the black sesame. The rich and creamy black sesame sauce drizzled on the smooth, cold yet not tooth-numbingly freezing black sesame ice-cream offered a thoroughly delightful experience altogether. Every spoonful evoked child-like glee & satisfaction, and paired with the chewy/springy Japanese glutinous balls, the combination of texture and flavours worked wonders. The crispy waffle and the cherry were mere eye-candies, complementing the sensory appeal.

Macha Mixed Imo (Soft serve with green tea sauce, red bean paste, yam and Japanese sweet potato) @ RM11

A top selection at MOF, and highly recommended by floggers alike, the Matcha Mixed Imo was served in a boat-like serving bowl, aesthetically-pleasing and leaving a lasting impression on the senses. The smooth and almost liquid-like texture of the soft serve (the soft ice cream made from Hokkaido milk, akin to McD's soft vanilla ice-cream, but a bit smoother and none of the overpowering vanilla flavour) glided down the throat effortlessly, and the melting green tea sauce and sweet red bean paste intensified the flavours and complemented each other so well.

Imo refers to the imported Japanese sweet potatoes, and they're deep-fried with light batter. The warm sweet potato and yam provided a hot and cold sensation when eaten with spoonfuls of the others. Blissful. But I'd recommend the sweet potatoes over the yam. (Note : you can have BOTH morsels of sweet potatoes, or BOTH yams, for the same price, if desired)

Location : MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee @ Pavilion, Lot 1.02.00, Level 1, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2144 1489

Those who helped in spreading the lurve : Masak-masak, Shell Food Station, and Yowazzup?


Anonymous said...

This is a nice place for some sweets that are slightly different from those usual coffee and cakes...a good intro!

Christine said...

yes yes..i love their matcha imo..and also their matcha with red beans and their soft serve..although i find the red bean is pretty sweet coz they said hokkaido red bean is much sweeter than those azuki red bean

sc said...

i prefer the jap dessert shop at the Curve..Midori. but dont think they serve the sweets with sweet potato/ yam. midori serves milkier, creamier ice creams imho :)

J2Kfm said...

ck lam : yeah, agreed!

christine : to me, the red beans was not sickeningly sweet, but just right though. not much diff from the local ones.

sc : oh there's one at The Curve? ok, thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I went there 2 weeks ago, tempted to try it...but stomach doesn't allow...coz we already went to The Loaf .....anyway, very crowded on a Sunday and price okay quite reasonable...since it is Hokkaido icre-cream..ya

Little Inbox said... nice. :) I love vanila ice cream so much, can't wait to have it together with other modern dessert.

soo sean said...

That can be an excuse for dessert.

Tummythoz said...

Shy. I'm still lost in Pavillion & a stickler to only a few eats there. You seem so at home.

Anonymous said...

daintihill are using the same soft serve ice cream but they are charging at a slightly higher price :(

J2Kfm said...

simplegirl : we went there with a full stomach as well. but the sights of those colourful combination of sweet stuff was such a turn on!

little inbox : yooo ... I second your cravings. hehe ...

soo sean : LOL. you dun have to. really!

tummythoz : not that 'at home' lah. just hungering for different stuff.

kampungboycitygal : if not for the 50% Citibank discount, Dain Ti Hill's prices is kinda highend.

Anonymous said...

haven't been spending time in looks like i've got to go this place in my next visit to kl.phew..sudden craving for ice-creams and desserts!

Anonymous said...

Haven't been here yet, so can't compare but Midori serves a more colourful presentation. MOF seems cheaper though.

J2Kfm said...

fcoe : pavilion is for food mostly. but lately Tangs got sales liao, as well as Parkson. come come ... we eat ice cream in Ipoh! :)

jason : Midori? OK, will note that down.

Anonymous said...

i never been there yet, wanna go......!!!
and rm1? omg...

New Kid on the Blog said...

I walked passed the other day, but didn't try out. I see only ice creams and not those Japanese dessert like red bean cakes. I like those very much... :)

J2Kfm said...

leechien : no ... not RM1, it's RM11. hehe ...

NKOTB : oh, no red bean cakes though. but got Hokkaido redbean paste in most desserts. the black sesame and green tea stuff are nice.

ai wei said...

japanese dessert!!! i wan them all! yerrrr... have not been to pavilion for long long time. i am so out-dated. aiks

Hayley said...

Shira Sesame Hokkaido Gelato Mini ..this black sesame dessert, it's simply irresistable..delicious..but after u had it, u can see the black sesame on ur teeth..hahaha...

Anonymous said...

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