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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, October 6, 2008

Of Nine Emperor Gods Festival, Curry Noodles & Pancakes, Anyone?

Ouch. Going back to work after a pleasantly long break was tormenting. Both Physically (strenuous position in front of the pc all day + dragging myself to my feet at an unGodly hour of 6.40am) and Mentally (the brain's working ultra slow the whole day ... absorbing less, but definitely retained lesser).

Iron Lady flipping her fingers. I meant, her pancakes. =P

Ever heard of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival? In Cantonese, "Kow Wong Yeh" festival, a 9 days extravaganza celebrated by Taoists in the 9th lunar month, depicted by the famous Red Tortoise Buns (scroll to the end of the post for the pics), devotees praying at the temples and going vegetarian, as well as frequent rain throughout the nine days. For Ipohans, the Tow Boo Keong temple is located at Jalan Tokong, Pasir Putih.

Every year, we never failed to flock to the aforementioned temple at least once throughout the nine days. This year was no difference, though my initial plan to pray on the 1st day itself was somewhat thwarted by the dastardly food-poisoning spell.

Peanut and Corn Pancake (RM1.30)

Hence I went on the second day. The crowd was surprisingly not as congested as I've expected. Thank goodness. Previous years' experiences revealed the hidden sadistic nature of humans in their attempts to scar me with incense, and the jostle for placing them on the altar often resulted in burnt hole in my shirt, or scorched skin.

Lunch in Pasir Putih area is an easy task. Everywhere you turn, there's bound to be a restaurant, or coffee shop. The famous Tuck Kee Restaurant, Big Tree Foot's Yong Tau F00, and various other gastronomic delights attract customers from near and far.

Tuna + Onion + Cheese Pancake (RM3.70)

We opted for lunch at a restaurant along the road connecting Jalan Kampar and Tuck Kee Restaurant which is situated on Jalan King. Sorry as I'm not sure of the exact location. But coming from Jalan Kampar (Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun) towards Pasir Putih, turn left at a junction where MAXIS Service Centre is located. Tim Shun Loong Restaurant is along the road, before you reach Tuck Kee and Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot) on your right.

Many patrons ordered the pancakes from the stall at the front of the shop. Manned by a lady, she was fast, though rather un-friendly. Her apom pancakes can be filled with many combination of ingredients, from the sweet to the savouries, not unlike Penang's famous AKI Pancakes.

Pie Tee (RM3.00 for 6)

The Tuna/Onion/Cheese combination was wonderful, cheesy and rich, with delectable chunks of tuna. Though my gripe was the pancakes were rather small in portion. We had the Pie Tee (or Top Hats), a famous Nyonya snack with fillings of yambeans, wood ear fungus and carrot strips, garnished with fried shallots. Crispy and light, they serve as good appetizers.

Lou Shu Fan (Rice Noodles) with Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Fish Paste)

A sinful bowl of Curry Vermicelli

Dry Curry Hor Fun (Flat Noodles)

The wait for the curry noodles was daunting. Possibly the crowd at the restaurant was on the heavier side, being a public holiday and all. But was the wait worthwhile? Hmm, not one of the best I've tasted, but still passed the mark for decent curry noodles. Especially when tonnes of cockles (>10!) were served, in addition to char siew (BBQ pork meat), siew yoke (roasted pork) and even 2 deep-fried wantons. Around RM3.50 per plate, if I remembered correctly.

Witness the power of the gluttons!

Various stalls selling the same stuff - Red Tortoise Buns, and Lotus paste Buns

Rows after rows of Red Tortoise Buns

Some may lament the lack of fillings or taste when it comes to the Red Tortoise Buns, but I'm accustomed to the soft, fluffy and slightly sweet dough, especially when freshly steamed. Of course, you can be creative and dab some kaya, butter, or even cut them into pieces and fry them with some eggs. Yum. A pair for RM1.70-RM2.0o.

The festival only comes ONCE a year, for a mere 9 days. Go on, get a pair of the fluffy stuff before it's too late ...


Anonymous said...

wei.. i tot u'll blog something about vege for this 9 Emperor Gods Festival.. walau, curry mee?? some more siew yoke, char siew, tuna??? hehe.. but, the food looks nice la.. =P

yeah,agreed.. wu kuai pao tastes nice when fry them with eggs.. :)

Little Inbox said...

all those foods look yummy...makes me feel like dropping by for food next time when i travel down south for holiday :P

Christina Kim said...

I bet those aren't vegetarian...awww, you are deceiving!!~ :p
I thought the topic is on the 9th Emperor Gods festival and you will be sharing on vegetarian food in Ipoh, I can't believe I thought that the pancake was vegetarian and the more I read and scrolled down, I knew it...this was a deception:p

Hahahaha....but the buns were really colorful though..:D

Anonymous said...

droooling... make me hungry...

i like lou shu fun...

among those photo shot.. i like the red tortoise one... keng...

minchow said...

Hehe...can't bring yourself to go without meat even after praying? Tsk tsk tsk! I prefer vegetarian food outside festival time, when you're not fighting with the crowds and you're bound to get better quality!

J2Kfm said...

kca : hahaha, aiya, eating vege at Tow Boo Keong there very crowded one lah. what's wrong with some meat? =P

little inbox : do drop by! hawker food galore in Ipoh, much like Pg.

christy : hahaha, where got vegetarian food in my title leh? the pau are vege though. the rest? hehe, all meat.

penangtuapui : thanks! those red/pinkish thingies are cute and tasty.

550ml jar of faith : we do go vege sometimes, when we feel like it, as vege restaurants in Ipoh are a dime a dozen nowadays

Ciki said...

I love that Peanut and Corn Pancake photo! Now that's my sorta pancake. I just hate it when they give you a pathetic amount of corn! Give me a whole DOLLOP anytime:D haha

terri@adailyobsession said...

good u mentioned 9 emperors because i have never heard of them until a few days ago when we were exchanging pontianak stories n i told my friends my encounter at a road junction with a line of about 30 vehicles at 10.42 PM which freaked me n my mom out. in the trucks were men dressed all in white with white head bands n the ladies in blood red chinese kung fu wear; i was totally spooked bc it was so late at night to have what i thot was a funeral procession!! lucky one of my friends was well-travelled n lived in kl b4 n she was sure it was smthing to do with 9 emperors. in sabah taoist n buddhist celebrations aren't prominent, thus my ignorance.

choi yen said...

I only know have corn+peanut pancake, never c tuna + cheese ler~~ :P

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm guessing if some impatient patron tried to hurry her, the Iron Lady would indeed flip her finger instead of the pancake. Hehe.

Min said...

Oh, I like Pie Tee so much, long time didn't eat already. Fry egg with tortoise buns really make a good combination, yummmy...

J2Kfm said...

cumi & ciki : me on the other hand, love peanuts and sugar more than the corns. crunchy batter preferred!

terri : LOL! what a fantastic story that was. at least none of them suddenly leaped in front of your car. or hearing faint sounds of gongs a-beating and trumpets blown in the mid of night.

mimid3vils : yeah, Pg has a few stalls selling those pancakes, with Hawaiian Chicken flavour, black pepper and mushroom flavours etc. even tomyam!

life for beginners : yup, she did answer rudely when I was ordering.

min : so bila mau fry one for Motormouth? =P

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

ohgod...miss those days when i was in the event with my cousins.
The place i went is in Ampang, year 1997.

Anonymous said...

Nice images ! Very vibrant colors depicting Malaysian food.

J2Kfm said...

Jeromefo : 11 yrs ago?!!! wah. so many yrs you've left Msia?

Timothy Low : thanks! sometimes the best food ain't in posh hotels and restaurants, instead in simple coffee shops.

PureGlutton said...

That curry mee looks good - must try it next time I'm back in ipoh! Esp with lots of see-hum!

J2Kfm said...

pureglutton : there are many other worthwhile contenders for best curry mee in Ipoh.

Anonymous said...

Ah... I was thrilled to read ur post on ninth gods emperor.. I will go there annually.. but this year I went to the one in Ampang instead (see my blog).. so much different from Ipoh one.. they dn have pink tortoise steamed buns!! Will definitely not miss it next year.. I love yellow colored ones!

J2Kfm said...

hi almond, the colours are articifial, no?

all my life I've only experienced Ipoh's and Pg's sense of festivities.