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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Much Belated HARI RAYA Wish .... & FEAST!!!

Hari Raya came and went without much fanfare this year. Was it due to the political turmoil surrounding our dearest 'tanahair'? Or the economic slumps in every part of the world, an impending sorrowful fate to befall our beloved country? Or maybe I DO miss all the memorable ads on TV (specifically from Petronas, Tenaga, Telekom etc), depicting simple lives of everyday folks celebrating the festivity in their own context. Some may invoke teary-eyed spells, no kidding.

Lemang - A traditional Malay food made from glutinous rice and coconut milk cooked in bamboo, with a pinch of salt for taste

Skewers of chicken satay - Who can say NO?

It has been embed in our office's unwritten, unsanctioned tradition to hold Jamuan Raya every year without fail, celebrating the event after all the Muslim staff are back to work. That explained why this year's feast arrived rather late, TWO weeks late, to be exact. But all's well, for us non-Muslims, as not only did we benefit from the free meals, it was a bonding period among the colleagues, proving once and for all, Food DOES bridge the Gap between people. Muhibbah spirit at its peak ...?

Rendang Chicken, Plates of Laksa before getting "wet", and Lontong

Unlimited food. Bottomless beverages. Or rather, cordial orange juice. But no laments there, as the food was sufficient to feed a village or two. We indulged for an hour plus, completely losing ourselves in the delightful spread, yapping away and saliva-a-spewing.

Laksa - A tad diluted for my liking ... and the toned-down spiciness marred the slurping experience a notch

Chocolate muffins lined and stacked, a creative alternative to a cake?

(The icing on the muffins spelled Jasamu Di Kenang - Roughly translated to "Your Deeds and Services Will Be Remembered")

Sweet treats to end the feast ......

Sorry for the shorter than usual rants and garbages. But a less tormenting read for some, nevertheless. You know who you are .... =P

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to Each and Everyone of You !!!


Time Warper said...

my jamuan is tomorrow hehe..will be sponsored by drug company

Anonymous said...

nice huh, got the jamuan. we don't have it here.

Ciki said...

happie belated!

Anonymous said...

The satay was nice!

Anonymous said...

Actually, loads of companies are doing their Raya Gatherings these couple of weeks. Hardly have to work these days as I'm receiving so many invitations for jamuans. Yay. :-)

Tummythoz said...

Time Warper said '.... will be sponsored by drug company.. '

Hmm.. interesting.

J2Kfm said...

time warper : you lucky devil you.

allenooi : typical lah, when working with gov ma.

cumi & ciki : same here!

mboy : better than Hj Samuri? =P
your place one was teruk lah ...

lyrical lemongrass : you're bragging or sharing huh? =(
nvm, Deepavali's coming soon. hehe ...

tummythoz : drug as in medicine. not drug as in ... drug.

Anonymous said...

TW : not bad wo.. drug company sponsored.. show us wat u makan la.. y my place nobody sponsor one?? hehe.. lousy lousy...

but, not much choices here hor.. ur office so kedekut la.. =P

yeah~~ the satay looked nice... ;)

Christina Kim said...

Hmmmm...I wonder who complains about your rants and ramblings...coz I liked it:D
Hehehe...I just love reading....and I find it amusing;)

The muffins are really cute and I have to agree with you that Merdeka and even Hari Raya just seem to come and left us this year without a really major festive feeling...wonder why?

J2Kfm said...

hahaha, KCA, not a really big-budgeted affair lah. but imagine 3 free meals in one day.and breakfast/tea break I didnt include though.

Christy : thanks! you're the first to admit my ramblings' bearable. =P

Anonymous said...

Wow what a trooper duper jamuan spread of Hari Raya goodness. The lemang looks so good as well as the rest; wonder who prepared this nice spread, very authentic in look. Lucky guy in a coy that cheer of goodness.

J2Kfm said...

jencooks : the lemang looked good, but was a disappointment. too tough, not the ones bakar in buluh. the caterers prepare everything.