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Motormouth From Ipoh

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ipoh Famous Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun

Aaahhhh .... lazy Saturday morning. Come weekend and my brain will automatically freeze and hibernate for all it's worth. Short post today, regarding a strong contender for BEST Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls )in Ipoh. Or so most claimed. (Try HERE, HERE, and HERE)

The corner lot facing the Canning Garden morning market

I've not been here since aeons ago. Possibly since secondary school years. Yeah, and now I'm a priceless, ancient piece of antique, do your maths.

The intimidating morning crowd. OK, not in THAT sense.

For a mere RM2.50, you get a plate of satisfying breakfast

There were a few occasions when we went there for breakfast, and felt dejected as the shop was closed. But usually open for business (a very brisk one at that) on weekends, it's safe to get your CCF fix on a Saturday or a Sunday. (Do correct me if I'm wrong, ya?)

A regular serving for RM2.50, large portion for RM3.00. No frills. Either the chilli sauce+sweet red sauce combination, OR their mushroom gravy to accompany your rice noodle rolls generously sprinkled with sesame seeds, fried shallots, and served with pickled green chillies, the compulsory side kick.

Steaming, chopping, and serving them fresh ... be patience. You've been warned. :)

The uncle and his assistant are not the friendliest chaps around. So when they said you've to wait for a while as there are a lot of customers around, DO NOT protest and throw a tantrum. Seriously. Even if you see those coming in later than you, and got their servings first, DO NOT scold the uncle, but "politely" remind him that you're on the brink of starvation and would really appreciate a faster service instead. (We were lucky to get some seats right behind the stall, thus we got ours pretty fast =P)

Still being served on those classic metal plates, with wooden chopsticks

The rice noodles rolls was impressively smooth, and glided down the throat with ease. The sesame seeds and fried shallots provided much texture and crunchiness, as well as extra fragrance, while the pickled green chillies are never enough. Of course, you can ask for more. Politely, remember? :)

But sorely disappointed that the chilli sauce and sweet red sauce combination did not work wonders, in fact was way too salty as he was probably in an ultra-high mood, liberately dousing my CCF with the red sweet sauce. Remember to request for less, if you're not in favour of wet, and saltish gravy.

The regular portion's rather sufficient as breakfast, and even if it's not, there are NO sides of Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed fish paste) and the likes (unlike KL's version) to complement the noodles.

Location : Kedai Makanan Canning Garden @ No. 27, a corner lot facing Canning Garden wet market. Sorry I forgot to take down the road's name. But it's right behind Restaurant HONG KONG, that faces the main road of Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, which sells chicken/duck rice, and tasty fried dough (yau char kwai, fried nin gou etc).

UPDATED 12 Oct 2008 - Directions to the Canning Garden CCF. I'm in such a jolly weekend holiday mood. Here goes ; Exiting from PLUS Highway IPOH SELATAN exit (the one with Tanjung Rambutan/Tambun on the signboard), you'll reach a T-junction traffic lights, whereby turning right will reach Tasek and Bercham, while left leads to Jusco. Take the LEFT turn, and go straight, passing by McD Drive-Thru on your left, and some rows of 3-4 storeys shoplots+Jusco on your left as well. At the Jusco's traffic lights, turn RIGHT and you'll soon reach another traffic lights. Turn LEFT at this one, and go straight until you reach a round about. Take a 12 o'clock turning, and you'll reach Jln Lee Kwee Foh, then see a field on your right. Turn RIGHT after the field, before the row of shophouses on your left. The CCF shop is at the left corner, facing the back, opposite the market.

But before I'm off for my precious, beauty sleep, here's another strong contender :

Dilapidated house tucked away at some corner in Pasir Pinji - Address : 1456, Jalan Pasir Pinji 5, Pasir Pinji 31650 Ipoh. Familiar?


gill gill said...

How do find the contender of pasir pinji 5 & Opposite Canning garden CCf stall? which one is better? as we go ipoh sure will go for the pasir pinji one, coz no one guide us for other good CCF...haha

but we found the pasir pinji CCF quality has been dropped from last few visits. the rice noodle was oversoft. anyway, is this CCF still open?

anyway, need your help on the direction.

Anonymous said...

heard about this shop famous wf CCF b4.. but, haven tried yet.. :)

wei, remember i told u about the famous CCF near my house, a man selling CCF wf his motocycle (mobile hawker)?? :) nice oso.. if got chance u can have a try here... sure u'll like it.. haha.. but, only available in the morning (MOn-Sat only)

New Kid on the Blog said...

yes yes yes,... this is one of the best CCF in Ipoh. I like...

oh ya, what Pasir Pinji?? the only thing that I remember about Pasir Pinji is those wooden kampong houses, and a big wet market. :)

Christina Kim said...

Oh yeah, I know this one!
Hehehe....been around since my daddy's time too, and I remembered going there a few times when I was like a kid:) (on our stops in Ipoh when we are traveling to Penang)

mycroft said...

looks good, but is it only open in the morning?
seldom eat morn breakfast in ipoh

Anonymous said...

CCF is one of my favourite dish especially drenched with that red sweet sauce, lots of oil for that smooth taste and covered with sesame seeds (almost wanted to type sesame street hahha).

Hazza said...

There is something about the red ccf sauce that makes it look and taste more delicious than the brown sauce version. This looks absolutely yummy!

Ciki said...

i love this canning garden chee cheong fun.. everybody has their own idea on which is the best.. but THIS is my all time fav. LOVE the grumpy ole man.. haha (don't ever repeat yourself to him, right?!!)

Ciki said...

i dunno the pasir pinji house.. i know just a few good eats in Ipoh.. not all - what to do, KL gal wat.. haha .. so.. what is it?!

J2Kfm said...

gill gill : the Pasir Pinji one is rather notorious for the long wait, and you're forced to take a number, right? that's why I haven't visited for so long.
I;ve added directions to the Canning Garden one in my post.

KCA : you buy some lah, then let me try! :) hehe ... morning only, working, how to buy eh?

NKOTB : the Pasir Pinji infamous CCF. Or, VERY famous CCF. steamed freshly and served piping hot with your choice of sauce and everything. but must be VERY patient.

Christy : yeah, the history runs for an enviable period. transcends generations and borders eh?

mycroft : yeah, if I'm not mistaken. in the afternoon the shop houses a rather famous economy rice stall as well, popular for the fried chicken.

Jencooks : I normally prefer mine with curry pork's skins, or mushroom gravy. unless the chilli is a killer!

Hazza : yup, esp when the chilli sauce gives a kick! there's one in Ip grdn South that sells amazing CCF with CHILLI OIL! but sadly, been MIA.

Cumi & Ciki : haha, I had to smile a lot, and nodded to everything he said. =P fai si irritate him. the Pasir Pinji CCF. also popular for generations.

Anonymous said...

i use to love this CCF as a kid - huge portions and good drenching of mushroom sauce. But over the years, the uncle has been watering down his mushroom sauce :( Plus the CCF has less dried shrimp (ha mai) than before. I'd rather he increase the price of his CCF than cut corners.

mycroft said...

stil remember last time for really good ccf in my place, the way i eat it is just plain ccf with oil n soya sauce... n it taste superb!

J2Kfm said...

genuiness : yeah, I saw the mushroom gravy he poured over other's plates of CCF, and so watery. so dare not order. I'm a fan of thick, delicious mushroom gravy with lotsa minced pork and mushrooms. slurp! but where?!!

mycroft : agreed. "Pak Yau Suk Yau". brings out the natural flavour of the rice noodles and the shallots/dried shrimps.

Min said...

Oh, I like the Pasir Pinji's CCF, but I seldom go there already, although is near my house. Need to take number and wait, some more is very hot there...

worldwindows said...

Miss the red sauce 'tim cheong'.

Anonymous said...

and I just had ccf for bfast....

i wonder what the uncle would do if one was rude... :P

Raynebow said...

Ya, the infamous Pasir Pinji house selling CCF... must take number and wait very patiently for yr turn. Have not been back there for ages! There's a very nice CCF stall in a coffee-shop along Kampar Rd, near the MGS roundabout - ever been there? (can't remember the name tho')...

Wen Xuan said...

OMG....please please post up the Pasir Pinji CCF!!!!

It's my love....oh my god...
It's so darn that now my saliva is drooling all over the keyboard!!!

P.S for those who cannot stomach oily stuff, then the Pasir Pinji CCF is not for you.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of another grumpy, gossip-king uncle selling CCF outside Man U...

J2Kfm said...

min : yeahloh, unless you;re patient enough and first in line. then savour the fresh and hot steamed rice rolls. but my patience and hunger pangs would not let me do so. :)

worldwindows : erm, OK. but I'm not really in favour of the sweet sauce though. or maybe there was too much of it at one go.

jasmine : erm, you're welcomed to TRY, for once. but be prepared for backlash, if his mood's bad, or the crowd's on his nerves.

raynebow : hmmm, no idea lah. near MGS roundabout Yee Fatt curry mee I know lah. =P

wen xuan : aiya, it so happened on that day they had not opened for business yet. but I doubt I'll go in near future, as the wait's relentless sometimes.

jason : again Man U? =P why never drag me along eh?

CRIZ LAI said...

The CCF in Ipoh is so different compared to the Penang ones with Har Gou. Somehow, I always like to take the Curry CCF instead of the red sweet paste or mushroom gravy ones.

I will surely try this one out when I'm down there. :)

Anonymous said...

haha this one..need to take num and wait for at least 30 mins..but its worth the wait!

J2Kfm said...

criz lai : yeah, Pg's version has its fans, and detractors. I was one of the latter, before I tried some of the better ones in Pg.

kampungboycitygal : the Pasir Pinji one needs to wait for VERY long. 30 mins is considered ok liao. but canning garden no need so long, less than 5 mins and we got ours!

Anonymous said...

have to in canning garden is not bad, but the price too..slightly higher than other residential area, we call canning garden, rich man area... tis chu cheong fun is very nice....the price too..haha...

Anonymous said...

I found out that there is a much more better CCF stall than the one in Canning Garden or Pasir Pinji. Try the one in front of the coffee stall next to the flats in Lahat Lane, Ipoh. Opens from around 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm only. The gravy is so special and I guarantee you will love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just came across this blog, damn interesting! Got a BIG FAT query, what happened to the 'original' night time canning garden ccf that was operating in the 70's next to the football field besides the Canning Garden market? I was a regular there till i went to KL to work. The CCF was so good that it was rumoured to attract ghostly customers even! Yes, upon checking the cash the next day, they found hell bank notes, the CCF was that good! Cheers! TC

J2Kfm said...

Hi there Anonymous,

That Canning Garden CCF which was supposed to be haunted by patrons from the other world is now operating at a rather safe location in town, on Jln Leong Sin Nam, at Kafe Central coffee shop.
It's same road with the NEW Foh San Dim Sum.

Btw, my new blog is at

Hop over for latest updates.

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