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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sin Eng Heong's Famous Kaya Puff, Ipoh

Just got back from the south, covering grounds from Tapah to Bidor and Sungkai, as well as FELDA Sungai Klah and FELDA Gunung Besout. Huh? FELDA?!! (in case you're wondering where/what in the world is FELDA, click HERE) Yeah, but I've not changed my job, but rather it's within our job scope to travel THAT far in our itinerary.

Sin Eng Heong - They moved a few shops away from their original location, expanding their business in an air-conditioned shop

Anyway, I'm still stressed out from the drive to oblivion (somehow the images of the underworld in Hellboy II struck my mind, but rest assured it's not THAT bad). And haven't sort my photos yet. Probably tomorrow I'll share my experience staying at Sg. Klah Hot Spring Resort, and of course, some of the food we ate along the way.

For now, be contented with something I've wanted to share with you for a long, long time. =)

Lady in Red : Which one you want? This, this, this, or that?

Lady with handbag : Ish, hmmm .... (pondering).

I've always been a fan of Sin Eng Heong's kaya puffs, and various pastries, from mini mooncakes to lou por peng (wife's biscuits). Mum had been buying them since years ago, before Ho Chak (a food programme in Malaysia courtesy of 8TV) and various media started raving about their kaya puff.

Fresh from the oven, fragrant and crispy delights ....

Previously operating two doors away, they moved to this new location, and revamped the ambience, albeit increasing the price by a minimal margin. However at a mere RM0.60 per piece, the puff may look mini, but in fact packed with flavours from the awesome kaya (egg jam) fillings, and the flaky, crispy-when-hot pastry.

A box of 5 for RM3.00

Fragrant, and sweet egg-licious kaya filling

Perfect when consumed hot, or fresh from the oven, the puff retain their crispiness even after several hours. Some may find the kaya filling a tad too sweet, but for me, it's perfect. Pair them with a piping hot cup of frothy milk tea, or white coffee, and tea time ain't boring no more. ;)

There's no denying their pulling power, ya?

Situated within the vicinity of Foh San Dimsum, Lou Wong Kuetiau Ayam, Funny Mountain Soya Bean/Tau Fu Fa, Yin Yau Kui Hakka Mee, Xin Quan Fang's Curry Noodle, Aun Kheng Lim's Salted Chicken and various other popular eateries, this area smacked in the middle of town is an ideal spot for food crawl, for locals and tourists alike.

On weekends and public holidays, the acclaimed pastries may run out fast, therefore give them a call before you go, to avoid leaving empty-handed and sour-faced. v_v But their other pastries are equally nice, and should satiate your cravings for some snacks.

Location : Sin Eng Heong Foodstuff Manufacturers @ No. 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri, Jalan Clare, 30300 Ipoh, Perak. Tel : 05- 2439659, or 012-4534596 (Elaine).


New Kid on the Blog said...

don't you find it too sweet??

Ciki said...

mini in size but packed with awesome flavour.. i like the sounds of that !! great shots btw :)

Shell (貝殼) said...

difficult to find nice kaya puffs in kl:(

Big Boys Oven said...

Ohthis is something I would love to have even now! I miss the food!

Anonymous said...

agreeably good!
amazing how d lady in red didn't find this nosy guy annoying :p

Hulk said...

Eeletra..who's the nosy guy, u r refering?? I only wonder if the lady in the pixs is J2KFM??

Nevertheless, any bosses from KL visit, I tend to recommend them this local kaya puffs. But then I like the one sold in Bercham. Wafer thin & crisper stuff with nice kaya. My Singaporean frens prefer this Bercham's version.

CK Lam said...

Nice kaya puffs...difficult to find tasty ones in Penang :(

J2Kfm said...

NKOTB : hmm, sometimes. but soothes the sweet cravings, no less!

cumi & ciki : yup, you can indulge in a few pieces without guilt.

shell : really?in fact in Ipoh also. I can't find a better one anywhere else.

BBO : =) come back and try one then?

eelektra : haha ... who's annoying?

hulk : the Bercham one is bigger, and flaky as well. however, to me, I still find the ones here of better quality. to each his own I guess! hehe ...

ck lam : really? I'm sure there are a few gems in Penang. tucked away in a corner?

Anonymous said...

hey where exactly ar? i wana buy some this sunday :D

Darrenmagic said...

This is also out of curiousity..are the owner of the restaurant/shops aware that u're taking photos of them? Anyone like stop u before? or question u?=p

-tAkEmOtO- said...

Omg, i've walked past this shop every time going back from school

Always had a good whiff pastry smell whenever i walk across it. But never knew or went in until like last year when my mom suddenly told me to go down and buy some of them, usually after getting them we'd go to Wah Pan or Wah Nam Coffeeshops that are just further down the road. A bite of that kaya puffs and coffee is the perfect afternoon for my mom.

Can't wait for the end of the year so i can go back and meet my family and eat all the goodies once more ^^

Great post!!

J2Kfm said...

kampungboycitygal : hmm, actually same road with Foh San dimsum. coming from Hugh Low Street (passing by Yuk Choy on your right) you'll arrive at a traffic lights with police station on right. left is going to Jln Yg Kalsom. Turn right at the lights, take 3rd turning on left. the shop is on your immediate left.

darren : haha, some give awkward glances, at times some queried, and some stopped me (Alexis FRENLY staff). but it's OK, as I use my hp, not so obvious I guess.

takemoto : yup, agreed on the part bout great tea break companions. :)

Anonymous said...

sorry for the 'backdated' comment ya... haha..
ei, tat day i tried this mini-sized crispy kaya puff.. bought by mum's fren la.. taste good and not too sweet for me... not bad... :)

J2Kfm said...

KCA : not backdated, dont worry. :)
the shop's selling them like hot cakes. one of my fav.

Anonymous said...

i live in PJ and each time I make a trip up north, my siblings will remind me to bring back the yummy ESH's kaya puffs.

Anonymous said...

Ya..I am Ipoh people bt never tried that until a colleague asked me to buy a box for him. I went there but a shop lady told me it was sold out. Then at evening time, i called for a booking for 2 boxes and she asked me when do i need to collect, i said tomolo 9-10am. Then on Sunday morning I went there, in front on my queue, there was a lady wanted to buy kaya puff but a shop lady told her that have to wait as kaya puff were not cooked. Then i told the shop lady that i have booked for 2 boxes(meaning i come to collect right?). She just looked at me and continued to pack other stuff for the rest of the customers. Then I reminded her again that i come to collect my kaya puff. SHIT!!! she just ignored me! Then I left in frustration. One hour later, I called back and asked if my booking ready to collect. A person on the line just told me it was ready, loud and clear asked me when can I come to collect??!!! Damp Shit!!!! I fxxx her that i just came and your ppl just ignoring me!!!
SO??? what do i learnt and what i need to share??
In this world, if we have spending power, we can look for whatever better food in hamper places.. why need to "spend our $$ buying frustration"???
This shop gave me a very strong impression that "Well... I am famous, if u want to come, come but I just dun like to serve you!!!"

J2Kfm said...

ahimsa : it's becoming a common stopover now for tourists.

Anonymous : hi there. i sympathize with your bad experience. but on usual days (the time i went anyway), the lady (an old lady) was accomodating to my orders, as well as others very well. maybe success has gone to their heads? or she could be having a very very bad day.

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