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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pun Chun Duck Noodles @ Bidor, Perak

The town of Bidor is situated south of Ipoh, between Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Highway (PLUS). People throng (OK, an exaggeration, but most tourists DO drop by) this town for a few obvious reasons.
1) The food - Duck noodles, biscuits, Chinese restaurants, KFC and typical hawker fare at the wet market.
2) The fruits/vegetables - Guava, petai (stinkbeans!!! ^o^), & various local delights.
3) Toilet break. (erm, OK ... so maybe most prefer the toll resthouse after all. Hehe ...)

The interior of Pun Chun Restaurant, situated on the main road of Bidor

Of course, whenever our work takes us to Bidor, the one place that springs to mind when the time is nigh for lunch/brunch/whatever, is Pun Chun Restaurant. Highly acclaimed for their duck noodles, and yam puffs, this restaurant has been in operation since I was a small kid, staying in nearby town of Sungkai for holidays WAY back then.

A variety of locally-produced confectioneries, proudly displayed for sale at the restaurant

On weekends and public holidays, waiting for a table may be relentless, pushing your patience to its limit. And the less-than-friendly staff does not help much either. Remember to read the items available on the board atop the wall, rather than ask for what's special, what they recommend etc. Else prepare for an onslaught of sour-faces (-.-) and a touch of hostility. LOL.

Something from their economy rice segment (RM4.00)

I've digressed. The food should be the main selling point here, not the service. Other than their famed duck noodles, they also serve wantan noodles, various type of rice dishes, as well as economy rice option. The freshly baked/fried yam puffs (Wu Kok) and Siew Pau are viable contenders for snacks, or for sharing, given the shrinking portion of noodles being served lately.

Duck Drumstick Noodles (RM6.60)

Their duck noodles remain as one of the best on my list, though the quality and quantity somehow dwindled over the years. Oh, and the price is escalating no less. You get a whole drumstick that has been sufficiently marinated and roasted/fried, served with egg noodles (wantan mee-type), vegetables and lots of herbs in the soup, providing an aromatic, calming concoction of herbal goodness. Finish the soup with ease of mind, as no MSG is added, supposedly.

Duck Drumstick Noodles - Dry version (RM6.60)

You can opt for the dry version, though the soup version is highly recommended. KYT's being the rebel that he was on that day, choosing the dry version, not unlike usual wantan mee. =P

The dry version comes with the duck meat dunked in a bowl of the herbal soup

Their appeal transcends generation, and borders, whereby people from as far as KL are common patrons. However, they opened up a branch in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam recently, catering to the KL-ites, and spreading the lurve for duck noodles. =)

Location : 38-40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak. Very easy to locate, as this restaurant is situated on the main road, a bright yellow-coloured building, spanning two-shoplots. Right outside the restaurant are some peddlers selling local fruits, and PETAI (!!!). Remember to practise your bargaining skills, ya?


Ciki said...

we love pun chun we do! we always stop by here, on the way back to KL from white water-rafting :) eat like pigs! haha

New Kid on the Blog said...

never know about the duck noodles. only know they are famous of their wan than mee....

J2Kfm said...

cumi & ciki : hehe, yeah. though its fine time to discover other delights in Bidor. we find ourselves coming back for the noodles and yam puff ever so often

NKOTB : I think the duck noodles are their selling point.

HairyBerry said...

i won't mind dropping by bidor for a good meal on my way up north. beats having overpriced food at the stops...hehehe

CK Lam said...

We stop in Bidor just for the duck noodles and of course their speciality 'chicken' biscuits too.

Ciki said...

by the way, boolicious (masak2) just posted that pun chun's branch has come to kota kemuning, shah alam .. :)

ai wei said...

slurps! i miss this place a lot!

Darrenmagic said...

I've heard Bidor's duck noodles for YEARS..but still havn't tried it yet!! Gosh i hate myself..

J2Kfm said...

nic : yeah, that's true. I never ate at rest stops, unless necessary. exception? Dunkin Donuts at Tapah rest area BEFORE Jco and Big Apple emerged. :)

ck lam : yup, I guess many still do. but can't get over their attitude though.

cumi & ciki : yeah, I've read that from her blog, that's how I knew about the Shah Alam's outlet.

ai wei : =P its ok, you'll have lots of chances to try them, since they opened up another in Shah Alam.

darren : don't! haha ... Malaysia's too rich with amazing food. can't try them all, I guess?

Precious Pea said...

I only like the duck soup as the meat basically tasteless oledi. But where is the yam puffs? You didn't had any?

stephen_ksf said...

Hello. I am Stephen.

Thanks to everyone that interested in our food.

Pun Chun now has a branch in Kota Kemuning. Please do come visit us

Please check out the blog below for further information on contacts and map.


J2Kfm said...

precious pea : gee, took me a month to reply ur comments. yam puffs we normally had, but not on this particular trip. but they kept shrinking n shrinking la

stephen : you're most welcomed. I'm stayin in Ipoh, therefore the Bidor branch is nearer for us.

tinkerbel82 said...

i've been there before, twice!! but i just ate the noodles. the duck looks so yummy but high cholesterol. but my uncle said..cheng!!!

J2Kfm said...

high cholesterol or not, we dun mind a wee bit of indulgence every once in a while, rite? :)

See Teck said...

Ya, this is the famous restaurant from my hometown, Bidor. I like their wanton as it is big and with big prawn!

J2Kfm said...

See Teck : oh you're from Bidor? working in KL now? they've a branch over there.