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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ipoh's Famous Curry Noodles (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 ....
I'm on a roll here !!! 2nd post for curry noodles, no doubt one of my favourite dish. Next week might be slightly packed, preparing myself physically and mentally for possibly 6 days outstation. So, without further ado, here's more of the good stuff :
~~ Woolley Food City Curry Mee~~

Thick, luscious santan-infused fattening concoction ...

Woolley Food City, with its abundance of choices in terms of food and drinks, never cease to amazes me, and appeals to locals and out-of-towners alike. The curry mee however, was of moderate standard, overpowered by the excessive coconut milk added, sipping on the broth takes some courage (apathetic attitude towards health works wonders too!).

Location : Refer old post on Woolley Food City HERE.

~~ Sun Seng Fatt Curry Mee @ Old Town ~~

Mirror yourself with the shiny layer of curry oil ... =P

From my old post, we've Sun Seng Fatt, one of the pioneer of curry noodles, even exporting their curry stock to other countries (eg. Hong Kong). However, second time around, the taste still was not right, too oily, and the gravy not aromatic/tasty enough. Wonder what's their selling point. Anyone?

For previous rants, complaints, and location, refer HERE.

~~ Yee Fatt Dry Curry Mee ~~

Hainan-style Dry Curry Noodles

One of the better ones in Ipoh, Yee Fatt is an old classic, serving their famed curry mee for decades. Helmed by a family of Hainanese (yet again), I somehow has fond memories eating here, for I'm a Hainanese myself, and I've been introduced to curry mee since I was small through binging here first. Yup folks, they may the culprit after all, developing and honing my senses for curry noodles !!

Location : Click HERE for my previous experience. Located at the MGS (Methodist Girls' School roundabout, near Tow Boo Keong temple, is this corner shop, bearing a brand new signboard, proudly proclaiming and embracing their 50 (!!!) yrs of legacy. Coming from Jalan Kampar (Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun) towards Pasir Putih/town, you'll reach a roundabout after passing by The Store, Econsave on your left, and Fairmont Hotel on your right. At the roundabout, turn 3 o'clock, and you'll notice this shop on your immediate left, facing the roundabout itself.

~~ Nam Chau's Curry Noodles ~~

The best there is at the moment ... Utterly, sinfully delicious ...

And last but not least, let me gloat about my absolute favourite curry noodles for the time being, and in fact, had topped my list for some time. Nam Chau's version.

The dry curry noodles is beyond compare, the gravy thick and with the right spiciness/sourness (from the lime) and consistency, there is nothing much to complain about the dish. At RM3.50 per plate, the ingredients may be a tad lacking, especially when compared to the others, but still, I find myself going back there again and again (working nearby somehow affected my judgment probably =P). Plus, the drinks here are pretty good themselves, the white coffee even trumping Nam Heong's (of Old Town Kopitiam fame) version.

Location : Kindly click HERE for my previous orgasmic ("o") experience.

Well, that's all I've to share about curry noodles in Ipoh. In future posts, will review other outlets I've yet to try, eg. Ipoh Garden Curry Mee, Keng Nam's version, etc. Do suggest any good curry noodles, to search for the BEST Curry Mee in Ipoh.


Dan Xuan said...

There's one in Jalan Pasir Putih, I forgot the shop name though. It's located on the row of shop houses next to the Mobil station, diagonally opposite Courts Mamoths. Try their fried chicken, it's really good by itself or to go with the curry mee. Only for breakfast I guess.

Dan Xuan said...

I think the shop is Sin Chuen Fatt, if not mistaken.

CK Lam said...

All the dry and wet version curry mee looks yummy delicious :)

Ciki said...

y lar.. ipoh got damn a lot of good curry mee.. jealous :)

Hulk said...

I'm with DanXuan. Its SinChuenFatt. Its my all time eating with fried chicken or with crispy pork meat. Ipoh is actually fame for Curry Mee...there are some fame for Dry version,like the one at MGS school & other on wet version.

Along the Jln Pasir Puteh, the old Courts is now converted into Curry Mee Kopitiam or sort..its the curry mee u eat at the Iph Gdn & its available at day time..same row as Maybank.

But as said..its just opposite main road my my most favourite curry mee in town SinCF. Try them out man..

There is one more parralel road to Greenhill. Corner lot , u can see OUB bank from teh shop. Could recall the name..its cheap.

BTW, where is this Nam Chaou..must give it a try??

HairyBerry said...

woah, ipoh laksa greatest hits ar??? haha! definitely different from kl and sg...definitely darn appetising just looking at 'em!

Little Inbox said...

Sun Seng Fatt curry me looks the best. I'll request for extra chili paste for sure, cuz I like super hot. :P

Anonymous said... bout yat yat seng & sun chuen fong? my hubby (he's from ipoh) loves the curry noodles there...=)

backstreetgluttons said...

we hope somebody in Pg comes up wih his top 5 curry mee ( with blood ) for the final countdown !

Our memories of this dish in Ipoh is , well , where were we ...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go try the one at Jalan Pasir Putih as suggested by Dan Xuan & Hulk. It's just few doors away from Caltex and b4 the Pasir Pinji wet market traffic light (opposite old Courts).

I used to eat there many times. They serve fried pork, chicken and assam chicken as side dish. But I still prefers Yee Fatt :)

My ex boss said that Yat Yat Seng is quite good too.

Anonymous said...

Foooo yoh ... you must officially be elected as the curryman of foodies !

New Kid on the Blog said...

eh, you didn't post one in Merdeka Garden??? Only sell at night.

CRIZ LAI said...

Click.. click.. click.. Two prawns... xxx calories, soup xxxx calories, oil on soup xxx calories... am I getting the facts right? Haha :P

I'm also a curry mee lover and my Mum always complained that I consumed too much santan which is bad for health. How to avoid when the mee won't be as nice without santan?

But I have tasted one stall using moo moo milk instead. Not bad with his wide selections of addons but somehow the santan's oomph not there :P

joycy said...

looks very think and lemak, which I like ...

Cute dog by the way. Super cute!

J2Kfm said...

dan xuan, hulk, jason : I believe it's Chuan Fatt, I know where it's at. In fact, the Mee Kari Ipoh Garden is newly opened diagonally opposite of it. Chuan Fatt's popular with fried chicken right? ;) my dad's and uncle's fav! OK, will get to that soon.

ck lam, cumi & ciki : yeah, I love dry version more, but anything swimming in curry is thumbs up for me!

hulk : thanks for the recommendation. It's Keng Nam in Greenhill, went there but the curry mee's sold out. ended up with curry chicken CCF! :)

nic : we call them, CURRY mee. Laksa in Ipoh is like the Pg's Asam Laksa version.

J2Kfm said...

little inbox :hmm, looks the best, but taste mediocre. go for the others, really.

sooyin : yat yat seng I'm not a fan, as I find the noodles slightly overpriced (back then). the other one is Xin Quan Fang, the one I blogged in Part 1 of Ipoh's Famous CUrry Noodles.

backstreet : erm, Penang's curry mee not to my taste, as I prefer dry curry version, (and I couldnt find one in Pg that's attractive enough ... someone?).

timothy : haha ... curryman? there is a professional wrestler by that name though. =P

NKOTB : merdeka garden? oh, any directions? thanks!

criz lai : yeah, sinful indulgence, but once in a blue moon (erm, MY blue moon = every few days!) is fine. don't go overboard?

joycy : thanks! her name's Lulu, and she's a little rascal!

-tAkEmOtO- said...

Ipoh Gardenn Curry Mee would be the one at Yat Yat Seng. I don't go there often but the smell of curry makes me want to eat them every time for breakfast. (Even when i feel a little woozy and having an empty stomach)

Tried Keng Nam's once, didn't really like it as it was too hot. But then again i wasn't really sharp that day, you need to get up really early for that shop, and i'm a late sleeper T.T

I bet my dad has been to all those shops before and sampled all of them. Because i recall having to eat at all those places u mentioned at least once. Very vague memories, but you made me remember tham again. I guess my return trip back would be a huge culinary expedition!! And all the weight i lost in Uni would all be ruined...boohoo

J2Kfm said...

takemoto : Ipoh Garden Curry Mee I think originate from the Aneka Selera (Tung Ku Ting), if I'm not mistaken. Keng Nam finishes fast, yes. We missed that and had to settle for CCF.

Anonymous said...


Last year I went to Sun Seng Fatt, in the old town for their curry mee, sad to tell, the taste was changed nor gone with the old days.

I mean, now they have swifted to a new kopitiam which they have renovated, and sadly the old taste of the yummy curry mee also changed.

Yep, I agree that Nam Cau curry mee taste good. Their white kopi also not bad.

Ipoh Food Lover

J2Kfm said...

hi Anonymous. yup, i tried sun seng fatt TWICE at the new place (not so new though, been some years, i believe), and both experiences came out bad.

nam chau is good, consistent, BUT not without its flaws sometimes.