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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ipoh's Famous Curry Noodles (Part 1)

I've a penchant for anything and everything spicy. Probably my tastebud is accustomed to burning-hot food since I was a small kid, growing up adoring sambal petai when most children back then had no idea what petai was. (Petai = Stinkbeans).
Needless to say, I crave for curry noodles every now and then, and fortunately, Ipoh has a few gems here and there. For today's post, let me share some of my finds with you. Prepare for a ride, on the sizzling side !!! ^o^

Ma Ta Liu (Police station) Curry Noodles @ Xin Quan Fang

In no particular order, allow me to start with an outlet that has been serving this delicacy for a good many years. Situated in town area, the nick Ma Ta Liu Curry Mee came from the location of the previous shop that was very near to the main police station in town. In fact, it's still quite near now, proving the irresistible charm of operating within the vicinity of good ol' trustworthy policemen. =P

Order some coffee to douse the fire

Sinful bowl of curry mee with variety of ingredients thrown in for good measure ... YUM!

The wait can be daunting, but be patient and DO NOT keep on nagging the uncle to take your order, least you're in the mood for a little smackdown, in terms of scolding, that is. Just park your butt and twiddle your thumb, count the patrons, sip on your coffee, or take a short nap (not recommended though) or whatever. He'll come by and take your order if it's your turn. We waited a good 10 minutes before he batted an eyelid and succumbed to our hungry-for-10-days look. =P

Remember to request for the extra bowl of homemade sambal/chilli concoction, with bird's eye chilli, shallots and supposely lard.

The curry noodles (RM3.50) are good, in fact, among the top 3 in Ipoh I've tried. I seldom go for 'wet' curry, instead routinely opt for dry curry version. But the uncle mistakenly took my order, and ended up with curry mee instead. Of course the timid soul in me did not dare to protest, especially when the opposition are no mere mortals. LOL.

The extra dipping sauce is what makes their noodles special. Usually only served when you order sides of roast pork/char siew/ chicken separately. But I politely requested for a bowl, and the uncle was probably humbled by my erm, humbleness (?) and provided us with a small bowl of the sauce at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Consumer's rights in practice.

Location : Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah (Hugh Low Street), right opposite Yin Yau Kui Hakka Noodles, and Gerbang Malam arch entrance.

Here's some random curry noodle photos to tantalize your palate :

~~Fatt Kee @ Ipoh Padang's Hainan Dry Curry Noodle~~

Hainan Style Dry Curry Chicken Noodles

Served with wantan noodles, and curry chicken, the version served here is noteworthy as the proprietor is a Hainanese, thus subtle influence of Hainan style cooking can be detected. Other than the curry noodle, he served wantan mee, and Hainan toasts as well.

For more information & location, refer my previous post HERE.

~~ Mon Amour's Curry Noodles for Breakfast~~

Dry Curry Low Shu Fun

Curry Mee, in all its glory

Mon Amour is a restaurant serving cheap, and delicious 'dai chow' style of dishes by night, but a haunt for curry noodles come morning hours. So, what makes theirs special? Erm, spicier than the rest, but not as delicious. My dry curry version lacked the oomph, probably not enough coconut milk (santan) beind used.

For info and location, click HERE.

(to be continued, as my saliva is dripping, and it's high time for lunch ... =P)


Anonymous said...

whoa a very complete guide..all i know is chuan fang, sun seng fatt, and a plce at gunung rapat where u can customized ur ingredients

Sugar Bean said...

It's almost near to dinner time and you had my saliva dripping over the keyboard now. Haha! You love spicy food too? So do us, the Hainan Style Dry Curry Chicken Noodles had our vote!

Ciki said...

didja order the "SPECIALIST" at Xin Quan Fang... didja?! That's like my absolute favourite it is (dry one where you dip-dip the LIAO into the curry sauce)! We have this saying that goes - there's so much oil and trans fat in that curry mee, that it'll send the specialist Running! hence .. the name! lol

J2Kfm said...

citygal : Gunung Rapat? not sure where la. wei I couldnt find the yonf tau foo stall you told me bout!

sugar bean : ooohhh, anything spicy and my tastebuds will tingle!

cumi & ciki : yeah, that's the bowl of sauce I supposed. I dip my ingredients, smother them in the luscious sauce with garlic enough to ward a few vampires. haha ...

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow!!! you made me crave for Ipoh food right now. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

OMG!!! I'm staring at those sinful Curry Mee and at the same time looking at my bulging tummy.. haha. :P

Well, those noodles are real tempting indeed. I feel like shooting out now to get one, two or maybe three bowls now.. :P

If you are in Penang, other than on a Sunday. I can take you to a shop selling Wan Than Mee with many selections of topping such as curry chicken, wine chicken, shui kow, etc. You will be amazed on how a small stall can come out with so many different combinations.

J2Kfm said...

NKOTB : hehe, come over for a crawl lah? :)

criz lai : oh really? slurp!!! where is this located? I studied in penang last time. never known such glutton pleasure existed!

-tAkEmOtO- said...

I *heart* Xin Quan Fang!!

It's the place where i had my 1st curry mee! I can recall myself being absolutely hard to deal with last time when i would not touch a single bite of anything considered spicy. Now? It's the opposite way, you can say, wu la bu huan, (translation:if it isn't spicy, it's not good enough) XD

I even brought my friends here previously while we were on our study break, you can say we walked out of school that time and drove here to eat. They all loved it, but it was the last time i went there again....T.T

Watching all these stuff make me want to fly back NOW!!! but then again, it's kinda impossible...

Thanks j2kfm! U're link to my hometown memories and make me look forward to go back next time ^^

J2Kfm said...

takemoto : you're most welcomed, and glad to strengthen that link between you and beloved Ipoh. :)

cariso said...

Hainan Style Dry Curry Chicken Noodles - I think this one caught my attention out of all, as this on resembles the sarawak laksa loh! :)

Julian Si said...

This place is simply legendary :-)

tAmmY_BiNg's WoRld ^^ said...

oh!!! such a nice review bout all the great foods in Ipoh!!!

we are now waiting for our final exam to be over, then we will embark on our journey to Ipoh for the very 1st time.

Just wana ask, is it 2days 2 nite will be enough for us to taste all the foods that u have recommended in your blog?

and does Lou Wong bean sprouts chicken available in day time? e.g for lunch?

tAmmY_BiNg's WoRld ^^ said...

oppps... it's 2 days one nite ^^

J2Kfm said...

can, 2 days can cover most places liao. plus other than eating, Ipoh has only limestone caves, or simple shopping/movie/karaoke to keep the outsiders happy. :)