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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sharon's Laksa - The BEST Siamese Laksa in Ipoh

There's a spanking NEW outlet in town, so rejoice fellow Ipohans (or Ipohites, whichever suits your fancy) !!! Recently opened for business, the proprietress was formerly with Kafe Happy Valley in Old Town of Ipoh. This outlet opened without much fanfare, so save for the residents of Ipoh Garden East, or those passing by on the way to Tambun, many would not have known of its existence.

The spacious al fresco dining area is a welcoming change, for a meal & the ensuing lounging session .....

Those baby-boomers of yesteryears, (aka antiques like me) would certainly agree that we did sworn by the extremely hip (and almost legendary) Antap Cafe in Ipoh Garden East, waaaayyyy back in the late 90's.

Which has since then, ceased operation for a good number of years now, after the existence of Coffee Beans, Starbucks, Kopitiam and all. But pleasant memories still linger on till this very day, as who could possibly forget their first sips of ice blended coffees (ahem, back then only a handful of outlets serve them; pricey yet the coolest beverage bar none .... OK, beer's out of the equation. We WERE school students after all), gathering for any functions we could think of (from birthdays to farewells), and bragging rights for a Saturday's night well-spent.

Okay, so Y2K and Timezone (in addition to the almost illicit Discovery) were also the usual hangouts, but one can't be spending RM15 for a bottle of beer every weekend, when one's pocket money amounted to mere tens and twentys per week. Right? ;)

The outdoor seating area - With an interesting pond-cum-fountain shaped like the number 8, probably for Feng Shui's sake?

OK, fast forward 10 years later, and we see half of the gigantic premis being occupied by arguably THE best dining place in Ipoh, Citrus Wine & Dine, while the other half has been housing different tenants a few times.

Homemade Soup in a Bun

Thanks to the invitation extended by Sharon and her brother, Chris, I finally met the chef herself. The brilliant lady who had been cooking some mean, REALLY mean Siamese laksa that never failed to impress every time we ordered through my aunt. Back then, her Siamese laksa has always been cooked to order, from home. Thus I haven't had the slightest clue on who he/she was. But everytime my aunt brought over the laksa for any family gatherings, praises were abound, and everyone was smacking their lips in approval.

Banana Toast (left), and Toast with Butter & Honey

The simple menu consisted of a few sections, from the usual rice and noodle dishes, to Western fare, snacks and toasts, and the rather lengthy beverage menu. Most of their signature beverages consist of drinks mixed with their own honey (Sharon's Laksa shares their premise with Total Natural, which is a distributor of various organic honey products).

For starters, we were served with the thick, and creamy soup in a bun. They boil their own stock, with added cubes of potatoes, the soup was a warming elixir perfectly complemented and served in a bowl made from bread. Tear the pieces of bread off, and dip them into the soup. Best consumed hot, hence do not wait.

The buttered toast served with drizzles of honey was an ingenious idea, a welcoming change of sorts from the norm of serving toast with butter and kaya. The honey is not too sweet, hence pleasing both the young and the old.

Lip-smackingly delicious Sambal Lou Shu Fun ('Rat's Tail' Noodles)
On to their mains, the Sambal Lou Shu Fun passed the test with flying colours, maintaining the springy or Q texture of the short rice noodles, while fried with enough 'wok hei', and lots of ingredients, such as shrimps, egg, and various vegetables. The slightly evident sambal kicked it up a notch, lifting the simple fried noodle dish to greater heights.

Marmite Chicken with Rice

The Marmite Chicken was another recommended item from Sharon, and the Chinese-influenced dish sure did not disappoint. Sticky, glistening fried boneless chicken meat coated with Marmite sauce, the dish may even passed off as Guiness Stout Chicken, or Honey Chicken. Slightly sweet, with a faint hint of the umami taste, the chicken should be a hit with the children.

Nasi Lemak Sharon's Special

Fragrant pandan-flavoured rice served with a killer sambal, which was not spicy but instead sweet-ish, crunchy anchovies and peanuts, papadam crackers, and an egg. The Special version comes with the curry/rendang chicken, which was fried beforehand.

The tangy and spicy Assam Laksa

Sharon's serves two varieties of Laksa. One of Malaysia's most well-known spicy noodle dish. One being the Asam Laksa (akin to Penang's version, not the southern variety with lots of santan and curry), which is served on a daily basis. While another being her utmost fantastic creation of Siamese Laksa, available only on weekends. (What a bummer, you say?)

The most addictive of them all, a definite must-try, Siamese Laksa. Only on weekends, folks.

We sampled both that evening, and needless to say, the Siamese version got my vote. And the others as well. Not to say the Asam Laksa was bad. It was anything but bad. But pale in comparison to the creamy, sinful bowl of Siamese Laksa, which enticed me since the first time I tasted her version back then when she did not operate from a shop. With addition of crunchy bits of 'choy pou' (preserved radish), the gravy was so thick and rich, you'll be scooping spoonfuls of them before you know realise it.

The beverages @ Sharon's. Predominant with honey aka Coffee with Honey, Soothing Iced Honey drink, as well as Jasmine Tea with Honey and Honey Milk!

The Honey Milk drink has always been a favourite of mine, served either hot or cold. There's something very soothing about the combination, which works wonders for the throat, and comforting to the tummy. One glass of the hot one, and you'll be dozing off in no time. ;)

The coffee with honey is another good option, especially when those cravings for caffeine come a-kicking! And certainly miles better than adding sugar.

The shelf with the products on sale, courtesy of Total Natural Corporation Sdn Bhd - Health and Natural Products. Suddenly one's meal become less guilt-ridden here!

On the whole, the meal was a most satisfying one. If you happen to be in the vicinity, or after a heavy shopping spree at Jusco, drop by for a meal here. The prices are indeed reasonable, with most dishes priced at less than RM10. They even offer set meals, but no details can be furnished as of now. Read : Me forgot to revisit and grab a leaflet. =P

Location : Bee Home Cafe (Sharon's Laksa) @ 48, Laluan Ipoh Perdana, Taman Ipoh Perdana, 31400 Ipoh Perak. Tel No : 605-547 3101.

!!! UPDATED (25/7/2009) Opening hours : Everyday from 3pm-11pm. Opens from 12pm onwards on weekends. Closes on Tuesdays. Here's a MAP for guidance.


Hulk said... Thank you so very much. My wife & I intend to visit the outlet last Saturday, but tot its was an Organic Cafe or sort. We left.
This place is just a stone throw away.
Thanks for recommendations. I use to hang out with my family members & friend there until the place was close down.

Will go this Friday as I'm driving back hometown this weekend.

BTW, r u staying nearby?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohhhh so when u goin to do ur tag!??

Ciki said...

ur nasi lemak looks like how i eat my nasi lemak - more stuff/lauk than rice!

Elin Chia said...

Been looking for this siamese laksa for some time...last time there was a famous one in old town . Wondering if this is the same one. Thanks for sharing...will definitely go there for a bite when the Piggies are back :)

Anonymous said...

i am a fan of siam laksa....will check it out! thanks

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Ooooooh!! The Siamese Laksa looks damn thick and shiok! =D What's on the plate at the background of the asam laksa??

iamthewitch said...

Mmm... Siamese Laksa! That's something new in Ipoh! Well, at least for me. My my, what with the new Foh San, and now another new shop springing up... I'll soon run out of time to try them all! :P

J2Kfm said...

Hulk : erm, staying somewhere around, true. do give this place a try, and see if you like the food there.

Joe : oh ... not so soon I guess. Bangsar Babe read my tweet a little too late! but i'll try. Slippery Nipples and all ... LOL.

Cumi & Ciki : case of serious overdose now, ate nasi lemak again for breakfast this morn.

Elin : since you're staying nearby as well, right? hop over lah, but rmbr only on weekends!

Simple Girl : you're most welcomed.

Bangsar Babe : that's fried beancurd sheet, foo pei.

iamthewitch : compared to KL's, or even Pg's, outlets opening in Ipoh at a much slower pace.

Derek, CMj said...

I was passing by yesterday. Never thought that they revived the place. Should head down there these days.

By the way, J2K why neva ajak me go? LOL

Anonymous said...

soup in a bun is probably one of the dumbest ideas invented when you look at it from a practicality point of view.

Nasi Lemak looks good tho...

Selba said...

Very nice outdoor seating area.... I guess the best time is during the evening :)

I seriously wish that I could try the assam laksa, looks so delicious...

Big Boys Oven said...

this is interesting! so near my mum's house! a must try i guess!

ai wei said...

wow! so many new updates! next time gonna ask u bring us around Ipoh!

Anonymous said...

How would u rate the Siamese laksa compared to that of Family's further up the road :)

J2Kfm said...

Derek : this was dinner a week or two ago. hahaha ... a family dinner.

genuiness : when you put it that way, yeah, in some ways. still, different in terms of presentation perhaps?

Selba: is there no laksa in Indo? i'm sure there's at least a curry version right?

BBO : your mum's around the area as well? hey, we could be neighbours! hahah ...

ai wei :sure, no prob. IF you ever come to IPoh, that is.

Anonymous : Family's Siam Laksa also not bad, but I prefer this version more. maybe cz I've been eating Sharon's version everytime there's a family gathering, whereby we'd order many, many packets from her.

Bakeling said...

Thanks for your recommendation !

I sure will go one day because it is very difficult to have a bowl of laksa here ( Bercham ) !

Bakeling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

i pass by to my college very often, didn't know that already change to sharon laksa...last time here izzit citrus ?

minchow said...

Mercy!! The Siamese Laksa looks sizzzling good!! With Choy Pou to boot! So very very dangerous!

The Travelling Foodie said...

This is one place I definitely must try. The Siamese Laksa sure looks tempting and makes one drool just looking at it. Thanks for the info.

Reanaclaire said...

oh gosh.. i didnt know this existed... now i m still thinking where this place is.. antap cafe formerly? must be ipoh gdn east go straight straight in.. right? ok i refer to the map, sorry..
staying in ipoh also dont know ipoh well.. how about that!

Derek, CMj said...

Haha! Family dinner ah! How I know wor! Nvm, I'll wait 4 you on the next trip. So, which outlet would be your next target. Got makan then call me alrite! xD

iiKawaiiSx3 said...

oo the low shu fun and assam laska loook soo delicious!! haha i just added this restaurant in my " Must go restaurant" list \(^o^)/

Wilson Ng said...

will call u if I come to ipoh indefinitely... are u coming down to kl anytime soon?

jason said...

The siamese laksa look so thick! I mean the broth :p

New Kid on the Blog said...

hey, Citrus no more already ah?

PureGlutton said...

Choy poh in laksa? That's rather unique! Must try this on one of the weekends when I'm back!

choi yen said...

choy po & laksa? Can't relate both of them together lah~~~

Anonymous said...

didn't know that it opens at 3pm...sigh don't go during lunch time

Stanley said...


How much is that bowl of laksa and nasi lemak?

worldwindows said...

Looks like a winner in a winning place!

Mummy In Vain said...

really thanks for sharing this post. i was wondering earlier what business is having in that building now! i've got the answer now! How good if it starts business for lunch as well! ;p

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of ways to present differently - put a soup in a cup, in a bowl, in a coconut shell... but putting it in a bun which will become soggy =.=

Superman said...

Wow. Nice intro of makan places in Ipoh. Those food really looks yummy.

foodbin said...

i remember Antap Cafe-a happening place-Here, all the food looks good.

buzzingbee said...

the food here certainly looks good.
so does the ambiance. :)

Little Inbox said...

The boss is really passionate to cooking for sure.
By the way, it'll be romantic to be seated outside. :)

Rebecca Saw said...

That banana toast is all my eyes could see ;)
Me bein a sucker for bread an all!
I think they got bottles of honey to ta-pau here ah?

And I think i wil suggest to the gang to come ehre for the Siamese laksa whn we r in Ipoh this Sun. Better thn the ones in Pg?

Myself want tht sambal loh shi fun!!

email2me said...

The laksa look decent and up to Penang's level.

Anonymous said...

is it halal???

Shell (貝殼) said...

Nice atmosphere~~ and the foods also looks delicious

J2Kfm said...

Bakeling : you're most welcomed. Bercham no laksa? I'm sure there is. there's one near to Tesco Extra and the previous 2 Plus 1 buffet. a corner shop, but the wait was horrendous!

Zheng Yang : Citrus is still there, on the other end.

550ml jar of faith : dangerous eh? i better get my cravings fixed someday.

The Travelling Foodie : welcomed! and do give your feedback.

reanaclaire : yeah, Antap Cafe. the road leading to Tambun, on Jln Perajurit itself.

Derek : next target? or targetS? heheheh ... sure sure. leave me your number in my mailbox.

Missha : the sambal lou shu fan was good, not spicy, but just enough taste to render it delicious.

Wilson : i went KL last weekend! a little late to notice this comment. sorry. i'm back in Ipoh now.

jason : you're SO near to the place. you should hop over when you're back. ;)

NKOTB : still there, no worries! they're at the other corner of the same building.

PureGlutton : you're actually from Ipoh is it? rather often you're coming back.

J2Kfm said...

mimid3vils : trust me, the added crunch is indeed very very interesting.

Anonymous : they dont open for lunch YET, as they're still testing the market.

Stanley : they're less than RM10 each, but me forgot the exact price sorry.

worldwindows : parking's FREE by the way. and almost unlimited parking spaces as it's in a building of its own. hence one can park haphazardly around the housing area.

Mummy in Vain : yeah, i suggested to them, maybe some days down the line?

genuiness : hmm, how true. :)

Superman : I'm from Ipoh, and STILL in Ipoh. hence the recommendations.

foodbin : yeah, back then. when we were all reckless ones ...sigh, good old days!

buzzingbee : very cozy for a meal, or for a drink.

Little Inbox : true. more of a place for family dinner, or friends get-together.

TNG : yeah! they sell honey, many,many types of them.
oh if you guys are coming for sure, i'll inform Sharon beforehand, ok?

email2me : the assam one? or the siamese one?

anonymous : hi there. they're PORK-FREE for the timebeing. heard from the managing staff that they're applying for the Jakim's HALAL certification. but may take some time.

Shell : delicious alright!

Hulk said...

I had dinner there last Friday & Sharon spoke to me. I relate to her I was recomended by your blog. She did tell me a little bit of you..

I like my wife Nasi Goreng Belacan ..its unique taste.Even the Spaghetti is one of the best I had. I miss the laksa. will go try out again.

Good for me since its mere stone throw away.

ck lam said...

Interesting sambal loh shi fun :)

Unknown said...

wow! I still remember Antap Cafe! Didn't realize it's has almost been 10 years they have closed down. Damm..i need to go back and have my Ipoh Food Therapy quick..

Simon Seow said...

Wow, such a big place.

J2Kfm said...

Hulk : she told what bout me? alamak. hahaha ...

ck lam : fried with much love and care. and skills as well.

Chee Kean : it seems like it's gone forever eh? the owner just isnt interested in opening up another, it seems.

Simon : yeah, spacious indeed.

Hulk said...

No worry lah..just bits. I respect privacy of others & I dont ask much.
BTW, I may need ur permission to steal some of this pixs for the trekkers of maps.
Its for the garmin GPS users.

afwl said...

Went there last wknd right afta reading your take on them in your blog. The siamese laksa was just RIGHT! and amazingly the choy poh went well with the broth...a tasty twist...the assam laksa was tasty but a tad too salty. Kids had the chic chop...delicious and love them honey beverages...went there again today and had the nasi lemak. Very good curry chic and sambal. Downside: still a little green on the service end...esp during peak dinner time. The 1st time there we had to wait a long time between dishes. Today vast improvement as were there early and the waiting time was way better.
Oh j2kfm, thanks for ALL your 'discoveries' on Ipoh eateries. This blog has become my guide to good food in Ipoh. Altho born and bred here and recently relocated back from KL, I never knew Ipoh has so many hidden 'gems'. Amazing! Been recommending your sites to buddies. Keep up the fantabulous work!

KL girl now in Ipoh said...

Went to Sharon's Laksa after reading your blog. They're open for lunch now. But am disappointed to report that the Siamese Laksa is totally different to Siamese Laksa served in KL (where I am fron originally) and the Sambal Lou Shu Fun did not have the "wok hei" that you talked about. Maybe the chef had an off day. Not sure if I will go back there to give it a second chance.

Anonymous said...

went with my family yesterday after reading yr post. Ordered the Siam laksa (reli-reli yummy), soup in bun (not bad), banana bread (yummy too), nasi lemak (not bad), sambal low-shi fun (must eat while it's still hot or else not so yummy) and marmite chicken (not bad). The total bills came upto approx. RM47. Shall definately return for the siamese laksa, banana bread and also to try other dishes as well. I noticed that they put up a notice saying tat "Open 365 days 11am to 11pm". Those who has run out of idea where to eat shd try it out : the environment is nice esp. in a windy evening ............

Anonymous said...

Anonymous : hi there. glad you like it. as the place has received some negative comments as well. they're opened from 11am until 11pm alright, changed from the previous 3pm onwards.

Anonymous said...

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