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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ching Han Guan Biscuit Shop @ Hugh Low Street, Ipoh

Currently Motormouth's on a roll here !!! Given the situation (rather dire now, with about merely half a month more to go), I dragged FCOE for a run all around Ipoh town today, covering as much eateries as possible before the inevitable.

How tragic you say? Nah .... none of those soapy, pathetic & dramatic endings.

Tucked in the middle of a row of almost-forgotten shoplots, a few doors away from the ever-expanding Yee Hup, Ching Han Guan certainly did not catch my attention before this .....

Tummythoz really had some fun making us bewildered with speculations, wild (and some idiotic) guesses! (Refer to her post HERE). But seriously, born and bred in Ipoh throughout the decades of my life, I've never known there was this confectionery here, aside from the ever-prominent Yee Hup.

Not to mention a DAMN famous one as well. Blame da Mother, who had actually frequented this shop since I was a very, very tiny (erm, as in AGE, puhleaze ....) and naive young soul, prancing around and pouncing on any types of biscuits available in and around the house. And yet she never bought anything from the same shop ever again, since days of yore. Hhhmmm.

Be it the colourful, evergreen child's pick; 'Tou Chee Peng' (literally translated to Biskut Pusat or Navel Biscuits) which coincidentally, is DA FOOD OF CHOICE comes Qing Ming or Ghost Festival (whoopsie, no sharing please).

Meat Floss Biscuits (12 for RM13.80)

Or the other perennial favourite of mine (which spurred my interest once again, somewhat revived/rediscovered/reintroduced to this 'old flame' of mine, the traditional coconut husks-smoked Heong Peng from Seng Kee in Gunung Rapat); Don't miss the traditional Heong Peng or Hiong Piah or Fragrance Biscuits from Gunung Rapat, I tell you. Not even Yee Hup's commercialized version comes close.

A combination of pork's meat floss, and lotus paste became the filling of choice, and remained a hidden gem of sorts, attracting visitors near and far.

Thanks to Tummythoz (who's currently on a roll herself, probably rolling around on grasses and such in whichever country she picked as her target - oh bless those poor citizens! Hehe), I vowed to seek, and destroy .... wait, I meant, devour those morsels of crumbly goodness from Ching Han Guan, even if it means I have to fix my raft and sail to the ends of the world!

Which of course, is a bit far-fetched, given the very strategic location of this biscuit shop, along Hugh Low Street (or Jalan Sultan Iskandar) in town centre. In fact, I kinda felt silly as I've been passing by this road EVERY single day (except weekends of course. ze Motormouth no work for da weekend in da office. Work takes place elsewhere, which sucks equally, oh well), yet I did not for once, set my eyes on this shop with a red signboard.

Still not sinful enough for ya? Go for the ULTIMATE Meat Floss/Lotus Paste/SALTED EGG YOLK combination ... and be wowed instantly !!! (10 pcs @ RM20!)

Calling to order your biscuits is HIGHLY recommended, especially if you're from other parts of the world (or universe) and a revisit to Ipoh is highly unlikely. But if you wanna bump into ze Motormouth, feel free to revisit again and again ..... =P

The pastry is not of the crispy kind, nor too crumbly. But rather flaky, just like those wedding biscuits (those yellow/pink ones with lotus paste filling), and the dense filling of meat floss + lotus paste sounds odd on paper, but complements each other perfectly. To the right balance of the sweet and the savoury.

With black sesame seeds to differentiate the KING of all biscuits, and the less caloric-laden salted egg yolk-less ones.

Like munching on a mooncake before the 8th month on the Lunar calendar!

A break from the norms. If you're already sick of the Heong Peng's, the Chicken Biscuits, Kaya Puff (oh, but please do give them a try if you're a first-timer here in Ipoh) and the Sat Keh Ma (cannot translate as it sounds REAL odd, but you'd have seen those sweet, sticky snacks in block, made from crunchy egg & flour, sweetened by sugar/molasses).

The other traditional, modernized and everything in between varieties .....

Ching Han Guan has a long, long standing history of baking delicious biscuits (Teochew style) for the masses, way before I was born. And it's fine time they get their due recognition. Remember to call first and order your biscuits before walking in. Much alike the OTHER success story, Sin Eng Heong Kaya Puff, which is coincidentally, situated 3 streets away. Talk about competition.

Location : Ching Han Guan Biscuit Manufacture @ 145, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah (Hugh Low Street), 30000 Ipoh, Perak. Tel No : 605-254 5126. Here's the ever useful Google MAP of Ching Han Guan.

Opens seven days a week, from 8am until 6.30 pm. But half day only on Sundays.

# The salted egg yolk variety MUST be pre-ordered at least ONE day before. #


choi yen said...

meat floss + lotus paste = sweet & salty?

email2me said...

This is something new which I look forward to try soon! Must find one weekend go down Ipoh and let you bring me around town. :D

Lingzie said...

the inevitable? where are you going wor.... got come penang ah? come come we go ah basri satay :)

J2Kfm said...

mimid3vils : yeah, not very sweet, but the meat floss is very tasty as a filling.

email2me : sure sure! repay your deeds back in Penang last month. :)

Lingzie : Penang not this month lah, Lingzie. the inevitable is a farewell of sorts. for a colleague. Basri Satay! hold that thought ok? I'll be sure to seek you guys when the chance arises!

Rebecca Saw said...

ohhh! thks for remindin us of this! we are so gonna be there!
sorry but i think Sin Eng heong not very good worr..

J2Kfm said...

TNG : is it too sweet? but I'm a fan, diehard. much alike the huge crowd day in day out. they can't cope with the orders now, kinda sad.

allie said...

I always go for Yee Hup heong peng. Thanks for your recommendation! I'm sure gonna try it out :)

Sugar Bean said...

Love the last photo, reminded me of traditional style biscuit shops. Miss it so much. And the Meat Floss Biscuits, gosh, they're SO delicious looking!

Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh! Hey this is my hometown biscuit,one of my late dad's favourite shop! By the way, near by there is a shop that sells fantastic sliced dried BBQ pork! just awesome place to be, Ipoh!

KL girl now in Ipoh said...

I wonder if CHG will still be around when the current generation operator passes on. I was there and chatted with the grandson, a pleasant young man. He says he works in KL with Accenture - looks like nobody is gonna take over the family biz.

New Kid on the Blog said...

wei, wait for me la... the ah basri satay...
no invitation, i invite myself. hahahahah

saw this shop whenever am down in hugh low street... but never enter... thanks for sharing!

Ciki said...

see la.. now u wont be around for the roadtrip.. i just heard. so sad:(

thule a.k.a leo said...

hey, just add you in my list... sorry for taking ages to do so :)
anyway, the next time I go Ipoh i know whom to contact already!!! Bring me to eat the best food ok??

By the way, read my post!!

Reanaclaire said...

12 for 3.80 is quite cheap, in fact very cheap..cos the eng sin heong (the one famous for kaya puff) sells it for 60sen one if i m not mistaken.. will go to this shop u mentioned... like u, always pass by each day but never stop by..

HairyBerry said...

wait-wait-wait-wait a minute...biscuit with pork floss??? soooooo need to check it out. i hope there's enuff time this weekend..arghhhhh, so much food..GOOD food!!!!arghhhh!

ahlock said...

Unlike you, I'm very much aware of the existence of this shop. But deduced that it was just another biscuit shop from the yesteryears.

That's why I did not attempt to pay this shop a worthy visit.

Well, not anymore. The next time I want to search for some munchies from Ipoh for my customers aka dealers from Alor Setar, I'll source my goodies here.

Hopefully the service here is faster and friendlier than that of flaky kaya puff if you know what I mean.

Vivien said...

ooooo, i miss this meat floss + lotus paste pastry

SuwEi said...

u again cal urself naive..ahem..okok..anyhow, tat's a very old shop that i used to buy biscuits since young..FCOE sure enjoy the day hunting for food wf u:P

wenxuan said...

oi! i recognize this! its because this shop is VERY near to my dad's shop. ahaha...been going to this place since my childhood years..the choco waffle biscuits..the vege biscuits..OMFG!

jencooks said...

Once they had an outlet perhaps some dry foodstuff point of sale and had me hunt Foh San in KL to know that it was closed. Yes, my fave dim sum but the crowd can be a bit nerving. All roads lead to Rome now leads to Foh San eh !

NekoHime said...

oOh i know the owner! my ex colleague. He will be happy to see your review :)

J2Kfm said...

NekoHime : really? the father or the son?

NekoHime said...

The son lol!! he is named after an infamous hongkee star!

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