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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh in Klang - One of the Oldest Around ...

Still reeling from that hangover? Long weekends, peppered with so many offdays = FUN. If only we have summer/winter holidays as well. Wouldn't that be ideal? :)

Felt bad to have snapped the uncle while riding a bike ... but no flash, no worries.

One of the oldest Bak Kut Teh (BKT) in Klang, the town seemingly synonymous with BKT, traffic jams and erm, the Indian street, Seng Huat is commonly referred to by the locals as THE Bak Kut Teh under the bridge, in the older part of Klang town.

The 2nd or 3rd generation of the legacy that is, Seng Huat
Klang houses an astounding number of outlets selling BKT. From wet to dry, from traditional to the modernized versions, and served in porcelain bowls, to claypots.
The older version of BKT does not incorporate a lot of herbs, hence the darker, and thicker soup with HUGE chunks of meat, ranging from the belly to the ribs, and even a WHOLE piece of rib. Personal interests come to play here, as some prefer the commercialized version in claypot, with lots of ingredients such as mushrooms, pork balls, vegetables and stronger herbal aroma,

The paper cuttings dated some 10 yrs ago ... testament to its popularity transcending generations?
At Seng Huat, the concept is slightly different. Entering the corner shoplot right beside the pedestrian-cum-vehicles bridge, you won't fail to notice 1) the crowd, 2) the guy (or lady) chopping up a storm, picking on pieces after pieces of meat from the 'cauldron', and serving them rapidly in bowls for consumption. Yup, without the bells and whistles of golden mushrooms, balls, innards and such. (But of course, you CAN request for extras)

Single portion for RM6.50
The meat was tender, fall-off-the-bones type (if you order ribs), and delicious. You have to request for chopped garlic if you're one who can't live without them. Some older outlets DO NOT serve chilli padi (bird's eye chilli) nor garlic as they claim the condiments 'spoil' the natural sweetness and flavour of the pork. One such outlet is nearby, a street away, somewhat related to Seng Huat, yet even older. Yup, something of Jurassic proportion.
The soup base was not as addictive as Teluk Pulai's version. You can't really taste the herbs as obvious, in comparison. The rice was not drizzled with much onion oil as I'd preferred, and only sprinkled with miniscule amount of fried shallots. Gimme a whole bottle of them, anyday!

Mixed Pig's Innards (RM6.50)
The stomach, intestines and whatnots came separately, in a rather big serving. If you're eating alone, refrain from ordering a bowl to yourself, as after the 10th piece of intestine and stomach, I felt a bit 'jelak' from all the unwanted parts.
Overall, the place came short of my expectations. Or probably I was expecting too much from Klang's (over)hyped BKT? =)
Location : SENG HUAT BAK KUT TEH @ 9, Jalan Besar, Klang.


HairyBerry said...

ohhh, another seng huat post! this is definitely gonna be in the itinerary when i visit klang again. dude, check out the wan tan mee stall near jalan meru as well. quite good. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah.. BKT from Klang.. haha.. Ei, y NO dry-based BKT?? =P
so, Teluk Pulai BKT tastes better than this?? Okok... bring us there ya, k?? Thx MotorMouth... hehe..

Rebecca Saw said...

hhmmm..I like my soup very herby-ish. Hv u tried the one in Maluri? Quite nice. Strong herbal taste.

worldwindows said...

So tempting these Klang BKT!

Anonymous said...

Odd (but maybe not), BKT does seem to be the best remedy for a weekend of boozing and woozing with the past Yuletide and coming NYE cheer... :D

email2me said...

You are right. This restaurant's quality have dropped since the old time. The soup taste are just normal and not as good as some other new comers in the market.

I really respect Klang people that can whack so much bak kut teh early in the morning. To me I can't even finish 1/2 of the rice also.

Anonymous said...

Aha... another place that serves BKT in bowl. In fact, actually most Klang-ites prefer mild herbal BKT. The claypot, strong herbal version is somehow more popular with the other non-Klang people.

choi yen said...

Last time purposely went there but they r close :(

fatboybakes said...

looks good mean not up to expectations ah? oh dear. those innards are screaming out to me.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

wow if oni the dry bkt near USM serves tat much of inards in a single serving lol. Its so cheap!