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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rawang's Famous Steamed Tilapia Wantan Mee

Rawang has always been perceived as an industrial area, a small town with dirt, dust, and debris (hey, 3D's!) and with a KTM station. Oh, and the last town before reaching KL, as when we were kids, we used to anticipate with glee and much anxiety before the sight of skyscrapers greeted us in their shiny armour .... aka Welcome to the (Concrete) Jungle !!!
And Rawang town was somewhat of a Happy Ending ... or something.

With 8TV's Ho Chak's logo sticker emblazed on the walls, and patrons from all over, the rather secluded restaurant holds its ground amidst the rapid development of Rawang
Locating this restaurant was not too hard, with directions from the rather reliable Food Guide. Instead, I was surprised we managed to reach this place without much hassle or jam.
In the middle of a residential area in Kampong Dato Lee Kim Sai, the restaurant has ONLY Chinese characters, which I'm of course, much-illiterate to. Named Restoran Tang Wan Cheng, the seating area may not be sufficient for a large crowd, with roughly 10 tables placed within the compartment of the house.
Fried Stuffed Mantou with Meat Paste (RM1 each)
To start off with, we ordered some fried mantou (buns) with meat stuffings, an awkward combination, considering the mantou was chocolate/coffee-flavoured and the stuffings was made from minced pork, giving a contrasting flavour of sweet and savoury, deep-fried until the outer crust was crispy, and the filling's delicious when dipped into the sweet chilli sauce. Minor gripe though, they could've been more generous with the fillings. But a good snack as a prelude of things to come.
To wash everything down, the lady recommended their house special drink, chrysanthemum tea with grass jelly (cincau). Such simple combination, yet was a soothing and sweet herbal drink for the parched throats.

Steamed 'Nai Pak' (Radish?) with Fried Small Anchovies (RM6)
The vegetables came highly recommended, not only by the proprietress (I presumed), but tried-and-tested by Motormouth. =P
Very sweet, and juicy (yup, sounds like a fruit, yet it's a vege I'm talkin bout), the ingenious method of cooking managed to preserve the original flavour and sweetness of the radish, and biting into the coarsely-cut chunks of fibre-goodness was pure bliss. I've learnt to appreciate such a simple dish. I'm amazed. Or maybe .....
I must be growing old.

Fei Zhou Yu (Tilapia) steamed with Wantan Noodles (RM2.80/100g)
But the STAR of the evening had to be their most raved about dish, the steamed tilapia with wantan noodles. Pick from a choice of 3 gravy, either steamed with ginger, or "Cheong Ching" (spicy/savoury sauce), or another with simple soy sauce.
The lady recommended the 1st choice, as the fish steamed with lots of ginger was the most popular, at least for newcomers. And the dish did not disappoint at all, save for those who are allergic (doubtful) or tend to stay away from ginger .... like the love-hate relationship I'm having with lemongrass. =P
Their signature bouncy, springy, QQ egg noodles
The noodles was excellent, without alkaline taste, and lightly laden with pepper, and garnished with chopped scallions and julienned carrots. But when steamed together with the fish, the noodles absorbed much of the light yet pungent/fiery sauce, owing its numbingly-tingling taste to the abundance of ginger used in this dish.
Ginger's known to be a good carminative, perfect to calm that dyspepsic gut, but bear in mind the flatulent-finale. LOL.
The tilapia may be a 'poor man's fish' to most, but the freshness of the fish shone through, with absolutely no hint of fishiness, or unpleasant 'muddy' taste commonly lamented when it comes to freshwater fishes. The tender and sweet flesh practically fell off the bones, and the fish at 650gm was more than enough for two. And that seemed to be the smallest available.

Walloped before I rmbred to snap. Whoopsie.

We were mighty full after the whole ordeal. Ravaging, scavenging and wrestling for the best parts of the fish.

And the complimentary dessert of simple and very sweet orange could not have come at a better time. No fancy jellies/puddings, nor souffle or cheese platter, for sure. But some fibre + that overdosage of ginger = A stinkin' good time, y'all !!!

Look for this board. That was the only visible sign from afar this restaurant.
Location : RESTORAN TANG WAN CHENG @ No E-13, Jalan LKS 5, Kampong Dato Lee Kim Sai, 48000 Rawang, Selangor. Tel No : 603-6091 8671. H/P : 6012- 304 5671.
Got MAP !!!
But better yet, let me explain the directions a little ....
Exiting Rawang toll, turn right towards Rawang town's direction. Go straight for a while, until passing by KTM Komuter railways beneath you, and you'll reach a crossroad. Rawang town centre's on your left. But turn right instead, and go straight until you see a Shell petrol station on your right. The small road leading to Kampong Dato Lee Kim Sai is in fact, right after the Shell station. But you've gotta make a U-turn further down the main road, at the traffic lights.


HairyBerry said...

WOW! good find, dude! and thanks for the map. so, turn left at the trunk road will lead to serendah. turn right is tilapia! okie, okie!

ginger sauce with tilapia and wantan mee! must try!

Anonymous said...

Wahlau, you actually found this via HoChiak???

Selba said...

*look at the oranges skin* Didn't get to snap real oranges flesh before eating, the skin pun jadi-lah... Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Must mark down this place. A very good fine with so many special dishes.
Steam Fish with noodles is common but very interesting with wantan mee, and I like the Steamed Veg with Fried Small Anchovies too :)

Tummythoz said...

You old? Shaddup. Lol at those orange skins. Initially thot they were a kind of fruit I've not seen.

Anonymous said...

looks damn good... thanks for map & direction. will try to find this place when I head for Rawang soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Wowsers. That looks darn good. Never heard of it but it sounds like a dangerously delicious combo! :D

soo sean said...

Something that I would love to try. Will mark down this place. Thanks.

sc said...

this is one interesting looking dish! who would have thought of wantan mee and tilapia?

Precious Pea said...

Delicious looking wor! I don't think i tried black tilapia before.

J2Kfm said...

Nic : wei u see properly the map first or google from address. haha ... in case wrong info given. =P

jason : nolah ...haha. it was through a book.

Selba : haha, wat to do. really finished all only realised. :)

ck lam : yeah, both rather healthy counterparts of the usual dishes.

Tummythoz : haha, who said not old? hehe ... like antique.

jasmine : you're most welcomed. my fren in Rawang also said something about a killer tomyam somewhere.

Life for Beginners : yeah, strange also at 1st. but seeing the crowd, and the Ho Chak coverage b4, my worries was appeased.

soo sean : you're welcome. just pray my map is correct. i'm rather senile.

sc : yeah ... so simple combo but worked! though a bit soggish at the end.

precious pea : oh, tilapia normally wat color again? =P

Anonymous said...

U shud put Ho Chak's logo as well ma..Call them pay for the ads.. =)... Congrats for breaking the 70,000 visitors mark in such a short period.

minchow said...

Haha! I burst out laughing when I read that the mantou was chocolate/coffee flavoured! Talk about a strange combo! I'm one of those who are resistant to tilapia...can't really say I'm drawn to the noodles!

J2Kfm said...

Mboy : thanks. the struggle was taxing though. :) Ho Chak? haha ... they dun care less ...

550ml jar of faith : resistant due to the occasional muddy taste commonly assoc with the fish? but rest assured this one's rather good, the flesh sweet and soft.

Rebecca Saw said...

Something new to me! Hope to hv the chance to try it soon..

J2Kfm said...

thenomadGourmand : it was new to me as well. KL/S'gor never cease to amaze me with the food.

backStreetGluttons said...

We used to hang aound jungle Rawang those golfing days but nobody mentioned this thing, so must be a new happening.We had those snake heads/catfish smashed to bloody death in full view of friends and foe on da floor then boiled Chinese style in simmering pots by some boisterous roadside BB ladies with the bestest bitter gourds then when they disappeared.

Could this be the cruel reincarnation ?
LOL ! we shall see

Ciki said...

like i said, who says healthy food has to taste bad ... steam fish at rawang is excellent! love it

choi yen said...

My friend went there once but when I ask him where is the exact name of the place he said he don't know =.="

Anonymous said...

What's with Rawang and tilapia? Got tilapia farm there, izzit? Looks like a good find, though. *studying google map* Ok. I think I can do it. (And don't think I didn't notice the love-hate relationship I'm having with lemongrass. ptooi)

J2Kfm said...

BSG : ouch. you all are beasts. =P

Cumi & Ciki : yeah, indeed! made me feel less guilt chomping on more than a person's deserving portion.

mimid3vils :haha.. so you've any idea where this is?

Lyrical Lemongrass : hahaha ... oooh... feisty aren't we? =P
that Google map was shabbily done though.

Alex Yap said...


You really know how to makan-makan. Rawang also you go.

Har, very close to my hometown already.

My dad is #1 fans for this restaurant. Me so so only. But being filial, I still drive my dad to this restaurant once a while.

J2Kfm said...

hi Alex. yeah, since Rawang is on the way back to my hometown of Ipoh, it's a convenient stopover.

Unknown said...