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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another One of Ipoh's Curry Noodles @ Chuan Fatt, Pasir Puteh

YES! The week flew by faster than a bullet. Or an Air Asia flight on steroid. I mean ... they seem to be punctual most of the times, aren't they? :)

Only one stall in this shop ... don't expect variety though

Enough with the KL posts (for the time being) and come back to good ol' Ipoh! The other day we ventured to Pasir Puteh area for breakfast, and initially went for curry noodles at Mee Kari Ipoh Garden. But it was a little too early, and they have yet to start operation. Shucks ....

But help is at hand. In the form of previous recommendations from various quarters, pointing to the simple, unassuming shop directly opposite of the aforementioned shop, crossing the road. A shop that has been around since I was small, when I still was living la vida loca in Pasir Puteh.

Dry Curry Noodles with Fried Chicken

Chuan Fatt is the outlet's name. Sandwiched between various old and slightly dilapidated shoplots, the place may escape most food pursuers, especially tourists, without the guidance of the locals.

What sets their curry noodles apart from the others, you ask?

For one, you get to pick WHAT's going into your sinful bowl of either wet, or dry curry noodles. Choices include fried chicken, shredded chicken meat, roasted pork and char siew.

A formality of sorts, I picked their dry curry noodle, as I've always preferred the thicker, stronger and luscious dry curry over its wet sibling. And fried chicken as the ingredient (poison) of choice, as many had me believed it's Da Bomb !!!

Dry Curry Beehoon with Shredded Chicken
Service was fortunately, attentive and friendly, nothing like the kings-ly/arrogant Xin Quan Fang. Their milk tea was good as well, reminiscing of Hainan Milk Tea; smooth and milky.
The dry curry was spicier that the rest of the competition, yet not as thick or sickeningly rich with santan like most. Still prefer Nam Chau's version. The fried chicken was crispy, and tasty enough to be eaten on its own, without the curry. The Char Siew is different from the BBQ caramelized pork, as they deep-fry the cuts of half lean-half fat pork, ensuring a crispy parameter, encircling the marinated meat.
But surprisingly, NO cockles, NO tofu, and NO chopped scallions/parsley/lime wedges was served. Only the noodle of your choice, bean sprouts, and your choice of meat. Hmmm .... Maybe I should've ordered the wet curry version. At least I'll be able to taste the REAL curry flavour.
Ipohans out there, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Location : KEDAI MAKANAN CHUAN FATT @ 294, Jalan Pasir Puteh, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.
Got MAP !!!


ahlock said...

When it comes to dry curry mee, my favourite is always Mee Kari Ipoh Garden. Second choice is Bee Sim (Hope i got the name correct) in Ampang, Ipoh.

ahlock said...

Oops, silly me, totally ignored your question. What do we Ipohans think of Restoran Chuan Fatt? I've zipped passed this place countless of times. But none of the times I have thought of going in for a treat of my life simply becasue it was not time for meals yet. When it comes to dry curry, I prefer a cut of lime and a dash of mint leaves thrown in. Looks like I'll continue to zoom pass this place...

Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

well...first time left a message in your blog. I went to this shop before, very nice !Especially the fried chicken is my favorite, with the sos..i use to eat their kuan low mee n put the curry sos on in...

Little Inbox said...

Different versions of curry mee. After trying the dry curry mee,I would say I prefer the normal curry mee with soup.

Rebecca Saw said...

not frm ipoh ;p BUT the fried chic looks good, and i can see that they got the plump juicy tau-geh..& frm ur pics, I dun mind a bowl!

J2Kfm said...

Ah Lock : Bee Sim in Ampang? specifically? I've gotta try that.
me too. I'd like my dry curry thick, rich, and with lots of parsley n lime juice.

Zheng Yang : but the curry was only spicy, and not as rich as I'd preferred it to be. the chicken was good though.

Little Inbox : I like mine dry, anyway. :)

thenomadGourmand : pics ... can be misleading. =P

Anonymous said...

Chuan Fatt's dry version is bearable but curry soup version is fiery red and spicy.

The fried pork and assam chicken can simply make up for the mint leaves and cockles.

weiqi said...

dry curry with fried chicken!!!i likey!!

J2Kfm said...

jason : should've gone for the soupy one. burn lips n tongue bit. that day tarak assam chicken lah.

weiqi : hehe, funny combo, but works.

Anonymous said...

as snobbish as Xin Quan Fang is, i still like 'em, coz u cant beat the gravy man...

well their service not that bad lah, maybe coz my dad knows them well?

ahlock said... the name wrong liao. My bad habit of entering shops without noticing the name, just the location. The actual name is Restoran May Sim. Traveling along Ampang main road, you get to a trafic light where Oldtown Kopitiam or Hillcity-LA Electrical Shop on your left (Coming from Tmn Cempaka direction). You can see the newly completed shops at the far end, where Maybank Gunung Rapat newly moved in). May Sim is at the opposite end of the shops. About 250M down the road.

A friend and I had breakfast at May Sim this morning. I ordered a delicious plate of dry curry bee hoon mee with shredded chicken + roast pork + char siew (Determined to make a gluttony of myself, ho! ho! ho! -Christmas season la, gotta laugh like Santa Claus...).

My friend ordered dry curry bee hoon mee + wild boar curry. Silly fellow, tempted me no end with the wild boar curry.

So, the next time I go, I'll have dry curry mee + shredded chicken meat + roast pork + char siew + wild boar curry , ho! ho! ho!

J2Kfm said...

wenxuan : that;s so true. the spicy/ sour and pungent sambal ... yummy! but the wait may put someone off.

Ah Lock : wah .,.. your detailed description had me salivating! ok ok ... i wil be sure to mark this down. means turn left after Old Town Kopitiam, or go straight?

Hulk said...

Well still my all time favourite Curry Mee. Blend well with thier Fried Chicken, Fried Pork spaciality. U can order seperately. Its sweet, crunchy, spicy..& creamy. just taste different from teh rest.

the soup is very spicy that u cant actually taste the soup. So dry is just nice.

J2Kfm said...

Hulk : haha, can count on you to pop up at moments i expected. =P
since the soup damn spicy, you just piqued my interest on trying one bowl of that fiery goodness!

Anonymous said...

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Members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists were told at their annual meeting in Liverpool that laboratory and animal studies have already produced strong evidence that curry combats dementia.

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