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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, November 24, 2008

Taiwanese Traditional Snacks @ Yong He Soya Milk, Ipoh

KLites and Penangites have their Shihlin Taiwan Snacks, with their signature oyster mee sua (meant to be slurped, not eaten), XXL Fried Chicken etc.

While Ipohans drooled away and sulked in one corner ....

Until now.

YONG HE Soya Milk @ Medan Ipoh Bistari

Started business barely a month or two ago, the place has been picking up steam, judging from the breakfast and lunch crowd. Though packed to the brim, the tables and chairs merely occupied HALF of the shoplot, while the larger-than-usual kitchen took up the other half.

Bet they're performing acrobatics in there. :)

Reasonably-priced and various rarely (or in fact, NEVER) seen snacks and familiar beverages

They take pride in their soya milk drinks, served either hot in a bowl, warm, or cold. And indeed the soya milk is good, but not breath-takingly marvelous. A notch above most offerings out there, except the one I had in Hong Kong. But let's not compare.

But the star beverage in Yong He, (at least to me, anyway) is their Rice Peanut Milk drink, served either hot, warm or cold as well. Saw this in TV some time ago, in a Taiwanese food documentary, and was pleasantly surprised to find the drink available here. Milky, yet not overly rich, the concoction reminded me of a typical Chinese sweet soup (tong sui), the Fa Sang Wu, aka Blended Peanut Soup.

They also have salty soya milk, on top of the usual sweet version, and a sugar-free version. Choices, choices ....

There's the Chilli Oil, Garlic Sauce, and Soy Sauce for all your condiment needs

Clockwise from top left : Ham Egg Cake (RM3.50), Bacon Egg Cake (RM3.50), Twisted Bun+Egg (RM3.00) and Rice Roll+Meat Floss (RM2.50)
Serving mostly snacks, one can REALLY pig out here, without a care in the world. OK, maybe practise some self-restraint, but everything's rather cheap here, one can't help but over-ordered. The Egg Cake can be served with ham, bacon, pork chop, etc. Akin to our Popiah or spring rolls, the egg roll is quite tasty as the fried egg with spring onions is fragrant, and paired with either ham or bacon, the combination of flavours work on every level. And dip them into the garlic sauce+chilli oil combination, and the taste was somewhat enhanced tremendously.
The same could not be said bout the twisted bun though, as we find them rather dry, and required some chewing. The rice roll with meat floss filling was another good choice. Very much alike nasi impit (of Sate Kajang fame), the roll is stuffed with lots of meat floss, and a crunchy and savoury combination of choy pou (preserved mustard) and dried shrimps (I think).

The SPICY sauce
Aside from the garlic sauce and chilli oil, they've another container filled with dark, watery, un-assuming liquid, with hints of chilli seeds. Their signature spicy sauce. Unlike the ones usually found in restaurant serving Xiao Long Bao, it's rather diluted, but pack a punch nonetheless. Not extremely spicy though (which would be nice!!!), but would be a tad better had it been more concentrated, as I found it rather funny pouring the watery sauce onto the snacks, rather than dipping the snacks into the sauce.

Clay Oven Rolls + Egg (RM2.50)

Another one of their signature item is the clay oven rolls, dough sprinkled with sesame seeds, baked to crispy perfection, and sandwich-ing either egg, ham, bacon, or any combination (I kinda forgot ... hehe) Just remember to have them FRESH, as it'll harden rather fast.

Meat Bun (RM2.00)
Piping hot from the steamer, the steamed Meat Bun is purpotedly a Taiwanese favourite snack. Forgot the translation, but something along the line of 'Sui Zhing Yuk Bao'. Correct me if I'm wrong, k?
The filling of dense pork meat was marinated and the taste mimicked the fillings of Xiao Long Bao. Minus the soup, of course. Not bad, but be warned; the filling is darn hot when served, hence do not risk burning your tongue over this one.

Radish Cake (RM2.50)
Good ol' radish cake. Or 'Lor Bak Kou', a perennial dim sum superstar, pan-fried to crispiness. Not one of the best, as the soft and soggy cake was slightly different from the usual ones in dim sum restaurants. But still flavourful, nevertheless.
Opens from 8am til 6pm daily, the place is pretty easy to locate. In fact it's at the same row with SSTC Italian Cafe, and Serai Sate Kajang.
Location : YONG HE SOYA MILK @ No 7, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1E, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. Tel No : 605 - 545 6318
Having trouble finding a good spot for tea-time snacking pleasure? Worry no more. =)


Duckie said...

looks like i need to take a trip down ipoh soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Duckie said! I wish I could have a place like this near my office. You can betcha I'll drop by during my teabreaks. ;)

Btw, your close-up pics are superb. Makes me think I can just reach out, grab and bite into it... :p

Min said...

I went there once few weeks ago for breakfast, I like their soya milk and also their radish cake. However, that day we waited so long for our food to arrive, erm, maybe that time that shop still newly opened gua.

Precious Pea said...

Not bad wor! Everything looks good to me. Wish we have something like this in PJ or better still, in my neighbourhood *telling myself to stop dreaming*

Anonymous said...

Uncle Lee, tell me if u r interested.May be we can go during Friday prayers break. :)

Anonymous said...

J2kfm, the snacks are not Taiwanese but more origins of China, like the rice roll with Meat Floss, Clay Oven Rolls and eggs, and the pau. They all look yu7mmy to me.

HairyBerry said...

Rice Peanut Milk?? woah, sounds good! i'm sure it goes well with the rest of the savouries like the paos.

thanks to ipohans like yourself, we are discovering more yummy food there! great! :)

Little Inbox said...

Not all Taiwanese Snack Cafe serve delicious fried chicken. I tried once at Mommy Wang. Yucks, very lousy.

Allie said...

The rice roll + meat floss looks good. I want to try it!

J2Kfm said...

Duckie : Haha, pls do.

Life for Beginners : yeah. if only there's one near my office. tea breaks in office = white coffee or pantry paltry stuff.

Min : oh u went and din ask me along eh? hmmm .... the wait was long when we tapau the 1st time. but that day when we had our breakfast there, the service was rather prompt.

Precious pea : haha, not too worry. KL has way too much stuff to erm, stuff your face with. :)

UncleFoo : Uncle LEE?!!! ahem, wrong number?

Jencooks : oh ic. thanks for the enlightenment. but written BIG BIG taiwan food, me thought really taiwan snacks.

Nic : erm what a compliment! :) so when you're coming over to try then?

Little Inbox : Mommy Wang? never heard of. in fact even the ones in Psr Mlm also not bad woh

Allie : it was good. yet not very filling.

Ciki said...

clay oven rolls! something new for me... but looks like this place is pork heaven! make sure u take me if i come visit;)

Jason said...

Wah, manyak cheap. Can order more and substitute as lunch.

Anonymous said...


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Selba said...

How nice to have taiwenese snacks! I want.. I want... :D

Btw, out of topic, white coffee from Ipoh is very well known, rite? Do you have any recommendation? And what's actually the different between the other coffee? First I thought the color is white but then when I tried, it's not white, hehehe...

Tummythoz said...

Looks like Ipoh getting better deals than KL.

PureGlutton said...

Great snacks to go with tea! Ipoh is getting more sophisticated by the day, haha! But i really have no idea where this place is.

Hulk said...

HHmm..simply luv this blog. No matter how busy I'm , I tend to check this blog out for updates.
Not going to miss this outlet for sure. Plan to visit this place come Saturday.
Simply luv to try out new outlets especially those near Iph Gdn locality.
Keep up sis...tah!!

J2Kfm said...

Cumi & Ciki : porky heaven? hahaha ... ham n bacon. least it's as NON halal as possible.

Jason : that was what i thought at 1st, ended up my breakfast lasted me til evening. too full lah ...

Anonymous : hi there. no nick? :) welcome.

Selba : yup white coffee's popular in Ipoh. lots of branches of Old Town Kopitiam evrywhere. white coffee is usual coffee roasted with margarine, BUT not until burnt. thus the lighter than usual colour. very fragrant though.

Tummythoz : i doubt so. KL wins hands down.

Pureglutton : this place's near to Jusco n Tesco as well. new area, behind McD Drive Thru on Jln Tasek.

Hulk : erm, sis ...tah?!!! Brotha lah! =P

Anonymous said...

Motormouth, you leaving a trail of mouth-watering photos of food is going to drive me very hungry and greedy! This weekend, when I am back in Ipoh, I will hunt down this place. Can you please give me some directions as to which part of Bercham this is located? Thanks!
I have eyes on the peanut milk!

mycroft said...

dun worry motormouth, uncle foo was referring to me.
yup, good idea for fri lunch break.

n yeah, work in the same place as ur frens, so u can roughly know where i work d, i am sane though.

the food really sound nice... wil giv it a try tis fri! its not open til dinner? pity lor.. tot of goin there for dinner instead...

Anonymous said...

Saw your post yesterday and I went there today, found it after a few rounds...The soy milk and peanut milk was good. Love the yok pau :)
Thanks for sharing this place.

J2Kfm said...

peng : hi peng. this one is at the row of shop behind McD Drive Thru on Jln Tasek. not in Bercham.
this one very near to tesco.

mycroft: oh, ok. now I'm confused. hahaha ... so you're Uncle Lee? sure sure. not for dinner. snacking's never a suitable dinner, right?

ck lam : oh you were in Ipoh? :) you're most welcomed.

choi yen said...

Please ask the owner when they will expand to KL? hehe, craving craving~~

J2Kfm said...

mimid3vils : LOL. they've gotta make a name for themselves 1st, I'll say.

Anonymous said...

ahh...looks like a good deal.. i'm sure to visit this place soon.. :) Can't wait to try it out... too bad its not open for dinnertime.

Its high time a taiwanese eatery open in Ipoh... Somehow i think ipoh lacks choices in terms of international cuisines...other than the usual Japanese & Western fare...

Dun u think more international cuisine eateries.. should open up in Ipoh. perhaps.. like vietnamese, french, german, spanish, phillippines, portuguese, moroccan, shanghainese, sichuan, mongolian, etc...

Every nite i haf to crack my mind over wat to haf for dinner...other than the usual stuff...

ai wei said...

why is this not in KL?!

Anonymous said...

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Those clay oven rolls look very appetizing.

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