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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make It A Point ... To Visit Beacon Point?

At the rate I'm churning out these posts, one must be wondering; Am I an obsessive, impulsive eater? Binging 24/7, without a worry in the world, weighing a massive 120kg?! (=P) And one day I'm in KL, another in Penang, and most days in Ipoh, while some days in rural, unheard-of-areas secluded within Perak? Manjung, Ayer Tawar, Sitiawan may be household names, but how bout Bota, The Changkats (Lada, Melintang, Chermin), Lawin, Tro(noh & lak) etc?
Beacon Point - Your Family Restaurant. How nice if it really is MY family's. FOC meals.
Beacon Point has been a household name among Ipoh's secret foodies' community. Yet has not deserve its limelight, and merits. From the outside, the place looks nothing like a restaurant or cafe, the green wordings "BEACON POINT Trading and Training" on the white signboard gives the impression of a dance school more than an eatery.
The training part refers to the cooking and baking classes they once held for the hopeless (like me ... hehe, who can't cook for dear life) & aspirated ones. Not really sure they're still conducting the classes nowadays, ever since an unfortunate mishap few years ago. (I won't dwell into this matter, out of respect. Sorry).
Creamy Purple Cabbage Soup
On to the good stuff. They serve set lunches everyday, except Sunday, when they're closed for business. A major advantage they hold over other similar outlets is their homemade soups, the selection changing everyday. So you know you won't be tasting the same old, same old cream of mushroom soup. Not to mention the CANNED variety; starchy and worthless.
Fish Gratin Set (RM16.80 nett)
This happened sometime ago. Was it a birthday celebration? I can't recall, for the life of me. But I think it was. Everday, Beacon Point offers 3 set lunches for choosing. Normally consist of a chicken, a fish, and a pasta, but on certain days, lamb or beef may be served. Fish is available on the menu every Fridays, that I can be sure. :)
The fish fillets were deep-fried before baked with the creamy sauce with assorted vegetables. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable & fruit salad. Looks unassuming, yet quite filling, as the rich and creamy sauce may be a little too much at one sitting.
Lemongrass Chicken (RM15.80)
The grilled chicken thigh with the lightly-flavoured lemongrass sauce was crisp on the outside, yet tenderly grilled to perfection. But I avoid lemongrass at all cost. So I can't attest to the overall flavours. Hahahah .....
Desserts - Pastries and coffee/tea
Another important criteria for a satisfying set lunch is the dessert. I tend to avoid cafes which serve a scoop of ice-cream (how easy and lazy can one get?) as dessert. And charging exorbitant amount for that.
They rotate their desserts selection as well, sometimes cakes, sometimes muffins, sometimes pastries, and sometimes ... well, whatever else they have up their sleeves. =P

Carrot Walnut Cake (RM5.90)

They take great pride in their cakes and pies. And their cakes are really good. Not too sweet, and reasonably-priced, even cheaper than Secret Recipe's down-spiralling equivalents, the cakes are great tea-time accompaniments.

Irish Coffee Cheesecake (RM6.20)
This particular selection, named Irish Coffee Cheesecake was plain marvelous. Creamy yet light, with subtle irish coffee hints, and a base of chocolate (Oreo?) cookies, pick this. You won't regret it.
Location : BEACON POINT @ 41, Lintasan Perajurit 6, Taman Perak, 31400 Ipoh.
Tel No : 605-546 9916
Opening hours : Mon-Thurs (11am-6pm) and Fri-Sat (11am-10.30pm)


Anonymous said...

Their rojak is NICE TOO....can check out the tea time set, chicken pie is yummy!

fatboybakes said...

wow, cheap hor. where to find decent carrot cake in KL at RM5.90, and it looks good too, i have to say. snigger about the downward spiralling remark...(conspirational wink, in hushed tones, "yeah, i agree")

Allie said...

The Irish Coffee Cheesecake looks marvellous! *Drool*

PureGlutton said...

Mmm...nice-lookin cakes and very reasonable prices, even for Ipoh standards! And I do agree also with the "downward spiralling" thing, haha!
Is this place in Ipoh Garden East?

minchow said...

Cafes who take their dessert as part of their set lunch seriously get the thumbs up! I totally agree - one scoop of ice cream does not maketh dessert!

jasmine said...

why no lemongrass for u eh? but the cakes do look tempting (even more so than u know who's) and i don't even have a sweet tooth. :P

and hush on the 120kg thing... lol. :P

J2Kfm said...

simplegirl : oh really? i know the nasi ulam and popcorn chicken are favourites as well.

FBB : geez, I think it might have become public knowledge liao. I wont frequent another SR until they really improve. maybe their cakes for certain occasions (as you might have guessed, Ipoh has very few bakeries).

allie : indeed the taste was good. not too rich but still 'luscious' enough.

pureglutton : yeah! in fact its hidden from the main road's view. but rather near to Jusco.

550ml jar of faith : so so true! :)

jasmine : hahah ... who's 120kg again? =P

Anonymous said...

Beacon Point is famous for their cakes. I used to buy their cakes every weekend. Their butter loaf cake is good. Also used to order birthday cakes from them, good flavors are the chocolate moist and the Irish coffee cheesecake. But now, I bake my own cakes. So have not been there for some months!

Elin Chia said...

I love their walnut carrot cake!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they never revamp the entrance. When someone told me that Beacon Point is a cafe, I thought he/she was joking. But now they have an al fresco seating area, I guess that's pretty easy to recognise.

Tell me, what's this "unfortunate mishap" thingy. I've heard some shocking stories from my old boss.

Rebecca Saw said...

ohh..cakes!!! this is definitely on my foodlist for my nxt visit to Ipoh! as well as dim sum, kaya kok, chendol, yong tau foo...

J2Kfm said...

peng : oh ic. yeah, their desserts have been consistently good. so you bake your own now? :)

elinluv : not sweet but satisfying enough. healthy too, I might add. hehe ...

jason : yeah. though they only open for dinner on fridays and saturdays. the mishap was someone passing away. tell you when we meet.

thenomadgourmand : wow ... so you've a list going on eh? not bad.

Rebecca Saw said...

Of course.. muz not miss out anything and also to ta pau back some more ok!

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Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely make it a point to visit Bacon Point.

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