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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Of Hotel Food and Little Cottage Cafe, Penang

You know it's probably another one of those annoyances related to humans' instincts. When your food is FREE, they do not seem to taste so good, or sound attractive. If you're paying an arm and an leg for a meal, no matter how un-sumptuous the meal is, you'll still seek solace in the ambience, the service, yada yada ....
Little Cottage Cafe @ Jalan Burma, Penang
We were fed 6 meals a day (!!!), courtesy of Dorsett Penang Hotel. Wow? But seriously, where's the FUN in digesting hotel's food, when GOOD restaurants, and even GREATER hawker fares are all around you?
And so we ventured to Little Cottage Cafe, a cozy, small and quite a buzzing cafe on an equally high traffic Jalan Burma. We've been here during our uni days, and re-visiting this place somehow brought back memories of days yonder, and an overwhelming sense of rendezvous swept into us.

Complete with a fireplace, and furnished with predominantly wooden elements, the place does exude a certain cottage-like ambience; charming yet cozy

Our mains, clockwise from top left : Mexico Chicken (RM15.90), Golden Fish & Chips (RM9.90), Little Cottage Special Chicken Chop (or somethin') (RM15.90) and Monte Cristo Chicken (RM19.90)

A favourite haunt with the lunch crowd, judging from the packed to the brim seating area, the place still serves affordable set lunches, from RM9.90 to RM19.90. The set comes with the usual suspects, soup, desserts and coffee/tea. We don't see many outlets nowadays that let the patron chooses his/her appetizers, or desserts, do we? Pity.
The soup was a sad story. Chicken soup, I recall, but the stock uncannily resembled instant soup from the can. And had it not for the little bits of chicken thrown in, we were still questioning the nature of that bowl of creamy nothings.
The Little Cottage Chicken Chop fared the best among all, but the difference merely lied in the gravy, nothing else. Monte Cristo Chicken was just another slab of meat, with 2 halves of sausages as garnishing.
Almond Fish (RM15.90)

My Almond Fish was fortunately deserving enough of the price paid. The crispy almond flakes on top of the batter-fried dory made the cut. Pardon the grainy photo, the interior of the cafe was dark, and we were seated at the darkest corner possible.
Total damage : RM78.50 for 5. No service charge or government tax. But note that the plate of peanuts they place on the table before your orders is worth RM1.00. Of course, you can be a prick and send that back. =P We did not though.
Location : LITTLE COTTAGE CAFE @ 96-A, Jalan Burmah, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel No : 604-228 6218. They've another branch at Gottlieb Road, in Hotel Waterfall, it seems.
Dorsett's spread of local and internation delights

A lesson well-learnt. Save some $ and eat in a 4-star hotel (though doubtful) may be a wise choice sometimes.
For the first 2 days, the food at the buffet spread were nothing to shout about, the usual curries, meats, and rice. Leaned more to local fare than international dishes. Ahem. Had I wanted curry chicken or squids, would I've chose hotel food over Penang's nasi kandar?
The food on the day we were leaving was the best among all days. Probably that was a Saturday, as the chef went wild and cooked up a storm, literally. From pasta to spicy fried rice, and black pepper beef to deep-fried calamari and rojak, we put off/deferred our initial plan of going hawker, and stuffed ourselves before checking out.
Delectable cheese cake, banana pie, and banana cake
The mains may be disappointing, but the desserts were a different story altogether. They've a glass counter displaying the sweet treats, from tapas-like serving of tarts and pies, to whole cakes and puddings. I skipped most of the meagre main dishes and took a larger portion of desserts every meal. =P

Fancy some chocolate mousse?

Chocolate rum tart

Too many to snap, I merely took photos of a few. There's even Panna Cotta, which was not bad, and blueberry crumbles, as well as bread and butter pudding. Swweeeetttt !!!
Happy Weekend Everyone !!!


choi yen said...

Just like what u said the desserts are more attractive :)

Little Inbox said...

RM78.50 for 5 is considered cheap for Western food.

Rebecca Saw said...

That's sad..Little Cottage used to be good. Commercialisation huh?
For me, I judge any buffet by the desserts they serve ;p

Lingzie said...

aisehman...come to penang but didnt ajak us penang foodies out ah? :P

and like thenomadgourmand, i also judge the buffet by the desserts they serve! heehee... the dessert spread at dorsett looks yummy!!

Allie said...

I like the mexico chicken and the almond fish there. Others just taste so so to me.

I luv desserts too. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I kinda like cream of chicken or mushroom provided they're not plain. Weirdo, I know :P

Ciki said...

did the The Little Cottage Chicken Chop taste like supermarket freezer chicken? if not.. then.. i wanna try!

Anonymous said...

Methinks we should have a meal consisting purely of desserts and more desserts! :D

Have a good weekend, dear! :)

J2Kfm said...

mimid3vils : certainly. one glance at the desserts counter, I was in heaven.

little inbox : the price is cheap, but the taste was so-so. nothing like last time.

thenomadgourmand : it could be that day's experience solely. I wont pass judgment so fast, as Little Cottage holds a special place in our hearts. :)

lingzie : I initially wanted to! but were bound by the rather erm, tight schedule. hence no chance to jln jln even

allie : the almond fish was rather good. something you cant find out in the streets.

jason : eh, I like them too, provided they're not straight from the can, and not properly cooked, with starchy bits swimming in the bowl. think Pizza Hut.

cumi & ciki : ehhh... one bite cannot judge lah. but typical chicken chop. was OK iguess.

life for beginners : yes! some hotels in KL provide desserts buffet right? that's be fantastic!

New Kid on the Blog said...

so, when will you be visiting Penang again???
the next visit will be on food hunt only wor!! :D

Anonymous said...

Next trip to Penang must call all of us up and meet up lor...can go makan together.

minchow said...

Wow, good call on the Almond Fish. Everything else looks bland in comparison! And you missed out a pic on blueberry crumble?? How could you?!

J2Kfm said...

NKOTB : hey sure thing! I would love to go PG for another food trip. problem is ... I need to make a list of what to eat!! :)

ck lam : yeah sure! hehe ... :)
I want Char kuey teow!

550ml jar of faith : aiyo ... the moment I scooped the crumble onto my plate, it was not a 'beautiful' mess, to say the least. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Walao! Should have ask us out or ask us in .. LOL! Never mind, still have more opportunities to come. :)

fatboybakes said...

everything looks so colorful and cheerful though, .....regardless of taste. i'm happy just looking at the array of colors....

J2Kfm said...

Criz Lai : yeah! next time I'll give you guys a ring ok? hehe.
then we makan the BEST CKT?!!

fatboybakes : hehe, we were not the paying guests. so we wouldnt mind lookin at the colors as well. if we were paying, colors come a distant second. =P

Anonymous said...

wah those desserts....damn...saliva dripping!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...