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Monday, September 8, 2008

OLIVENZ Cafe @ Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh - The Saving Grace?

The dismal affair at Sky Corner, nearly leaving a dent in our pockets, and a bitter taste in the mouth, we were still craving for food. REAL food to satiate our hunger, and rendered our outing meaningful, at least.


Another outlet that was recently opened for business, AND a pretty brisk one at that, is Olivenz Cafe, situated behind Yeolde English in Ipoh Garden East, at the shoplot formerly belonging to Question Mark Cafe. Why they're closed after so many years? Well, the name befits the riddle. I've only got ????? ... nothing more.

Jumbo Plated Sausage with Black Pepper Sauce and French Fries (RM11.90)

Ms V, my dining companion for the evening, was throwing compliments for this cafe, even while we were seated in the dreadful Sky Corner, all the while "swallowing" our sushi without much gusto. I mean, how joyful can it be, to be ushered from table to table, and served by un-appreciative and un-trained staff? *_*

As the meal was nothing but fillers for after dinner-cum-supper, we decided against going crazy with the orders. Hence, we picked the Jumbo Plated Sausages, as we firmly believed that sausages are still snacks, not mains. But were we wrong.

The JUMBO in the name probably dropped major hints, but we stood by our decisions. Two long, thick and delicious sausages (don't let your mind stray now ...) served with black pepper sauce on the side, with a choice of french fries, mashed potatoes, or potato wedges, and on a bed of vegetables underneath, balancing the calories with some fibres.

Desserts @ RM6.90

To appease the sweet tooth (or teeth), we went for some desserts. A few options only, mostly (if not all) incorporate ice-cream. Not to lament, as our choice (sorry, it's the second one on the list, I forgot the name) came with 2 large scoops of ice-cream, vanilla and chocolate flavours, and garnished with chopped nuts, raisins, and drizzled liberately with raspberry sauce and chocolate sauce. The sides of crispy waffle biscuits and chocolate cakes further enhanced the delightful experience, all the while had us gleaming with joy like small kids. =)

As if in a trance, the very next evening, I brought my family to Olivenz Cafe AGAIN, to try some of the other items in the menu I've been eyeing. Yeah ... probably should have asked for a discount card, but nvm ....

Iced Lemon Tea @ RM3.90

One thing I noticed about Olivenz is that, not only are their dishes served in BIG plates with LARGE portions, but their drinks came in awkwardly-shaped glasses and jars, and in generous servings as well. At a minimal price, nonetheless.

Japanese Fried Rice @ RM8.80

Mum ordered the fried rice, Japanese style, not knowing what's in store. The plate of rice arrived piping hot, each grain of rice glistening with oil (or it could be the lighting), beckoning us to scoop a spoonful and relish the LDL-raising culprit. Served with chunks of boneless chicken meat, marinated in a Japanese sauce (sorry, I only had a spoonful or two, couldn't taste the flavour much), and the fluffy grains of rice were fried to perfection. Yup, simple in presentation yet brimming with flavours, even my grandma gave her thumbs up. LOL.

German Sausages @ RM12.90

Dad picked the German Sausages, which arrived in a pair, served with mushroom sauce on the side. He picked mashed potatoes as accompaniment, and glad to say, the mashed potatoes are not the generic, canned-variety. And the brown sauce was awesome, really. The German sausage is different in terms of flavour, compared to the Jumbo Sausages I've had the night before. The heavier scent of herbs complemented the meat very well.

Ocean's Catch @ RM11.90

Grandma "A" chose the Ocean's Catch, pan-fried dory fillets with creamy sauce. To her surprise, the fillets of dory fish were piled up on a huge plate, on a bed of greens, and served with her choice of mashed potatoes. Gee, she can REALLY eat, as she managed to finish everything on her plate, except the potatoes. Guess it shows how good the fish was? I did not try, therefore I dare not pass judgment.

Fish & Chips @ RM11.90

Grandma "B" on the other hand, prefers her fish deep-fried with batter, thus ordered the fish & chips, a perennial favourite of hers and mum's. Two blocks of dory coated with a thin batter, deep-fried, and served with a wedge of lemon, mayonaise, and her ultimate favourite, FRENCH FRIES (yeah!) on the side. Or rather, underneath. Not to mention the salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. This one I personally burgled as I'm a huge fan of Fish & Chips as well. Crisp on the outside, and juicy yet fresh on the inside. What's important is the fillets were void of annoying muddy smell commonly associated with dory fish, or freshwater species.

A look at the BIG bowl of mashed potatoes

Red Wine Lamb @ RM12.90

What did I have? Hmm, the choices are aplenty, but not irritatingly confusing with endless options like many other outlets. There are chicken chops, steaks, lamb chops and cutlets, fish, sandwiches and burgers, pastas, snacks, and salads/soups.

The Red Wine Lamb sounded fantastic, a combination that MAY work wonders, hence it was my choice. And it was a choice I did not have to live regretting it. Chunks of lamb cuts with a subtle brown sauce, served on top of some greens, and my option of potato wedges. Lots of them, a heaven-sent for carbo-lovers. But the main attraction here is the side serving of brown sauce with red wine. Yes, you can really TASTE the liquor in the gravy. May be a put-off factor to some, but a different and novel way to complement the lamb chops. Delicious.

Total damage for 5 = RM70. No taxes, no surcharges. And free flow of iced or warm water, the instant you park yourself on the seats. The service was impeccable, the staff very friendly and patient, topping up your glass of water periodically, while refraining themselves from averting your attention or conversation with over-attentive service. Sky Corner, L-E-A-R-N !!!

Location : OLIVENZ Cafe @ 65, Jln Medan Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.


Little Inbox said...

Ah...Jumbo sausages, I'm drooling now. RM70 for 5 is still consedered cheap!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is sincerely an AWESOME place to be and happily bring the 3 generations together. Eh, that's really nice food and pics and the ice cream presentation - MO TUCK TENG, u can forget NYNY.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... nice place to have a try... :)
wei.. Ms V?? ur gf ar?? haha... wat a romantic date ar... hehe.. intro to us ma.. =P

weiqi said...

hey, thanks for leaving a msg in my blog. sorry for not asking permission before using for photo.
some recommendation for ur HK trip. i rarely eat out, so can only recommend u some snacks and dessert. a must try will be the dessert like Honeymoon Dessert(branches in Central, Causeway Bay, Mongkok) and Xu Liu San(lots of branches in Mongkok).百味搭(noodle snack) near krispy kreme on Sai Yeung Coi Street in Mongkok.Nice snacks in MTR station : Milk Tart from Pie and Tart, QQ Rice and Mrs Fields' muffins and cookies. you can figure out where i normally go =p

Anonymous said...

OMg, impressive dessert presentation!

Ciki said...

how did that dessert icecream concoction stand up so straight.. amazing... hehe...

HairyBerry said...

aiyohhhhhhhhhh...damn good pricing lar!!! and i especially like Grandma "A"'s ocean catch looks good...good portion somemore, right? ;D

J2Kfm said...

genuiness : they're open for dinner from 6pm onwards only. it's YOU! hahaha ... cant recognize you from the pic. :)

little inbox : yeah, including drinks, no taxes. a steal, at times like this.

jencooks : aiya, plain ice cream only anyway, nothing much. but the food presented in a special manner, a break from the norms

kca : next time we go for dinner la! rather than Yeolde, or Precious Time. yucky food ...

weiqi : hey no sweat! :) the pics are all yours for taking, but do leave the credits. and thanks for the recommendations in HK. will make a long list.

jason, cumi & ciki : before the thing melted, we scooped as fast as we could, but in the end, the whole tower fell. hahah ... oh, and the waffle biscuits' nice!

nic : yup, made Grandma A so happy also! =P but of course, Grandma B stole a fillet from her.

Hulk said...

Hey..actually I stop over for a quick dinner last month as invited by my corporate client. We were suppose to meet there for some agreement signing & was supposingly the old cafe name. We didnt realised of the changes until we read the menu....I couldnt recal what I eat (something with noodles..Udon I think)but I certainly agree is not that bad lah....will go again. I chat more than I actually taste the food. I just gulp most of it. Based on ur comments..I certainly will try out this 2nd time..but will slowly digest it..hehehe.

hhhm....hope I could spot u one fine day. I know it is not "lengchai" Im looking for.

PureGlutton said...

This looks like a good place for some great food at very affordable prices! I love that mashed potatoes - look so yummy swimming in the gravy!

J2Kfm said...

hulk : haha, do go for another try. it's not that hard to spot me. I'll be the one chomping nonstop and snapping away.

pureglutton : yeah, quite affordable. and the potatoes are all nice.

Anonymous said...

wei... i juz went to this place la... nice place indeed... thumbs up!! hehe.. but, the portion was HUGE... we cant even finish it... now still feeling FULL~~~

J2Kfm said...

yeahlah, some dishes best reserved for sharing. or go on an empty stomach. why go also din call me along? hehe ...

mycroft said...

was looking for new place for food, n this look good, shall giv it a try tomolo.... since goin out with gf family

mycroft said...

just came b from olivenz. quite good taste. cept tat portion is too big, tat by the time i ate last bite of jumbo sausage, i swear to myself tat will not touch another sausage for next few weeks. i blame it on the big bowl of mashed potato. as u said, the ocean catch was superb also.

J2Kfm said...

glad you share my opinions as well, mycroft.
I know I'll be there again in thenear future !!!

Anonymous said...

yea i do agree. SKY CORNER - worst things ever. service - X, food - XX, it was just a horrible mistake dining there.

Anonymous said...

yea i do agree. SKY CORNER - worst things ever. service - X, food - XX, it was just a horrible mistake dining there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I had my dinner at Olivenz tonite and guess what, at first my hubby was a bit reluctant to go...but finally we went and I ordered him Black Pepper Chicken and superb, he LOVES it.. he said its ichiban... thumbs up thumbs up.
Before he finished his dish, he said will come again, this time with my parents.. yahoo
And yeahh, thumbs up to the service given by those nice waiter/waitress there. Friendly, helpful & efficient.