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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hoong Wan Fish Noodles Soup @ Chemor

A short and simple post today ....

Situated right behind East Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Chemor

Very up-to-date post, as today after toughing it out around Chemor and Jelapang area in Ipoh, me and KYT decided to have our simple & light lunch in Chemor town itself. The scorching hot weather did not help either, and the countless rounds we went searching for a "needle in a haystack" somehow rendered us hungrier than usual, and dizzy from all the gear-shifting.

KYT's bowl of thick vermicelli soup with homemade fish paste (yue wat)

I for one, never ventured to Chemor in search of good food all this while. Though I was made to understand that Chemor's banana leaf curry rice stands as a strong contender in any foodie's wishlist (Time Warper, mind to guide the way? =P).

Fortunately, KYT mentioned about his mum's previous positive endeavour at one of the restaurant in Chemor town, purportedly serving great noodle soup. Well, something light never hurts, true?

The crowd was somewhat reassuring, as situated at a backlane, directly behind East Ocean Seafood Restaurant (Tung Hoi, in Chinese), was unnerving to say the least. They serve plain noodle soup, or dry noodles, with their famous fish head, fish paste, fish maws (see a pattern here?), crabs (!), and so forth. There is a stall frying noodles as well.

Motormouth's bowl of fish maws and fish paste with thick vermicelli in soup

Once she asked for our choice of noodles, and rambled a looooong list of possible ingredient combinations, we both opted for thick vermicelli noodle, the springy type commonly used in fish head noodles. For ingredients-wise, KYT chose only fish paste (as he's wary of anything too fishy) while I opted for a combination of fish maws and fish paste. No crabs for me, as I'm on a tight budget. Hehehe ....

The broth was thick, and flavoursome, infused with the natural sweetness of the flesh and bones of the fish. Slightly thicker than your usual clear broth (ching tong), the soup was pleasantly devoid of fishy taste (even KYT agreed) and complemented the noodles well. The fish maws were slightly spongy after being soaked in the soup, and one piece of annoyingly reeking of overnight oily taste. Luckily, the fish paste (yue wat) fared much, much better, as they were springy (QQ), very tasty with slight peppery aroma, and generously served.

My bowl of noodles plus iced milk tea was charged at RM6.80, while KYT's noodles plus 100 Plus was RM5.10. Go figure .....

Location : Restoran Hoong Wan @ Directly behind East Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Chemor town. Pretty easy to locate the restaurant. The address is 2, Jalan Silang, 31200 Chemor, Perak. (I think). If in doubt, ask the locals.

*** NOTICE ***: Motormouth will be gone for a week. Not for work, but for some much needed rest, relaxation and recreation. I've uploaded some scheduled posts periodically, to clear my backlog of food endeavours. Do drop your precious comments, and I'll get to them as soon as I'm back. Til then, tata !!!


Anonymous said...

yeah... their fish noodles soup tastes GREAT... my fav~~ :) i used to have my breakfast there whenever i 'visit' my parents in chemor.. hehe.. this is one of their most frequent spots for their breakfast..]

ei, did u all notice that the lorong there got 'dai chao'.. the food not bad oso la.. but, u have to bear wf those irritating FLIES... hehe

yeah~~ going for a long long holiday ya... enjoy urself lo.. and remember SOUVENIR ya... No GOLD pls... muahahaha...

Safe journey ya... ;)

backStreetGluttons said...

this kind of noodle in this kind of shop shud fall into the category of bland looks but tasty in a hot humid environment with lots of plastic and fluorescent lights , right !

the classic small town meal , maybe with flies here and there and screaming husbands or what we will say "it tastes exactly as it looks" !( which is perfect)...also called authentic ( whatever that means)


Mummy In Vain said...

i like the fish paste very much...and the soup is very sweet.

well, enjoy your holiday ya!!! do remember to show us more pictures of ur food hunting. ;P

Anonymous said...

Your GPS direction must be inbuilt by now going every nooks and corners of Perak. Simple small town wonder of tasty noodle. Yep your fish maw looks like big deep fried lard.

Enjoy your needed rest on hand from blogging and mouth from and furious food reviews recently.

Big Boys Oven said...

I heard about this before, I think it is very good!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the simplest food that hits the spot. :D

I'm more like KYT, just fishpaste/fishballs... A bit timid lah me... Hehe.

Tien said...

ya, used to lunch here occasionally wen i was working in chemor. u should try their seafood noodles, very nice presentation...blueish crab shells, orange prawns, green vege...colorful indeed! my colleagues tried but not me...cos lazy to peel the shells...haha!
and i tried the curry house they mentioned too, its jus by the main road of jalan ipoh/chemor...but damn, i forgot the name...oh yeah...SAMI..thats the name(or SAMY?).its one of the shops in the row of old shophouses just by the main road, on yr right if u're travelling frm ipoh....u wont miss it...:) yup, its highly reccomended!!

J2Kfm said...

KCA : no GOLD la... no worries. and I want mine as well !!!

bsg : fluorescent lights...erm, din notice.
simple meal of noodles, NO menu, just shoot away, or point to the next table. hehe ...

Mummy in Vain : agreed that the fish is fresh, bouncy, and the soup flavoursome.
holidays over. it was great.

jencooks : GPS? lah. sometimes simply bump away only

BBO : yeah it is!

Life for Beginners : aiya, fish maws sedap also la.

Lollipop : oh SAMY. i think i know where. OK, will be the next destination. hehe. ..thanks!

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