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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fuji Japanese Restaurant @ Bangkok, Thailand

Spacious, modern and pleasant decor - Sip on your hot cup of ocha, and ends your meal with some fresh-cut fruits.

Since I started a post on Japanese food in Ipoh, might as well continue the saga. And this time around, I'd like bring to your attention, Bangkok's (or Thailand's) equivalent to our very own Sushi King, a Japanese restaurant (without the kaiten belt) serving reasonably-priced, yet delicious Japanese cuisine.

Shoes off, hair down, and relish those precious dining moments ......

With 40 outlets in Thailand alone, and still counting, this charming, modern and affordable restaurant chain serves up an amazing array of Japanese food, from the ubiquitous sushi and sashimi, to various competently-priced bento sets (from a lowly 120baht/RM12 to 260baht/RM26 each), as well as other cooked items.

Fuji Special Bento Set with Sashimi @ 260baht/RM26 - Drooling yet?

Fuji outlets are commonly located in shopping centres, hence you'll basically run into one sooner or later, if your main aim is to shop til you drop, in Bangkok.

We had our meals in Fuji twice throughout our stay, given the extremely attractive prices, food choices and strategic location. Nothing beats sitting down on those plush cushions after a tiring day of walking around, with the shoes finally off your feet, and subsequently indulging in a most droolworthy Japanese meal.

Zaru Soba - with the eeeevil cholesterol-laden quail egg!

For a sampler set (in case you're indecisive, or plain wanna wallop on everything in sight - trust me, the menu may take some time to browse through), go for the Fuji Bento Special, either served with Tempura or Sashimi. The set also comes with miso soup, and chawan mushi (steamed egg with mushrooms, crabsticks, and shrimps), as well as a free drink of coffee or tea! Well worth the price paid (260baht/RM26), as the set can even be shared if you're not famished from all the shopping.

The cold soba noodles (strands of buckwheat noodles) came in a most simple presentation, garnished with shredded seaweed, and served with the soba tsuyu sauce on the side, with optional chopped scallions, and a raw quail egg for added protein. Swirl a few strands of them in the sauce, and savour the cold, slithery noodles in one gulp. A most suitable dish for the summer, this one.

Kuro Buta Set (200baht/RM20)

The tender, almost melt-in-mouth texture of the kurobuta pork grilled then served with a most basic gravy (ala brown sauce) had us singing praises. A prized species of the pig, also known as black hog, the meat has the right amount of fat, and lean meat, and requires almost no chewing. The set came with the usual sides, being a mixed salad, miso soup, rice, desserts and a drink.

Tonkatsu Set (120baht/RM12) - Deep fried cutlets of pork

The caffeine we all needed in the form of Japanese milk coffee, mixed tempura (so-so), mixed salad which came with most sets, and the set I forgot the name. It was chicken cutlets in sauce, served underneath the egg omelette.

Another winner in a pork dish, grilled with sesame seed, chopped scallions, and vegetables on the side

Okonomiyaki - Japanese pancake/pizza - SERIOUSLY good stuff!

But one of the dish that captivated us the most, ordered on both occasions, was the Okonomiyaki or Japanese style pizza. Topped with an egg with runny yolk, we polished this pancake off in record time. The okonomiyaki sauce was sweet, savoury and tangy at the same time.

Grilled squid/Ika, and Mussels with chopped garlic and scallions

10 pieces of mussels for a mere 110baht/RM11. Though small in size, but rather sweet in flavour, and paired off perfectly with abundance of chopped garlic, and scallions. At the side was the sauces for the mussels, but we did not really dip them in the sauce, for they're rather flavourful in nature.

Grilled Beef Cubes Set (sorry, name was made up, as no receipt was issued) - A most lovely, tender and delightful dish

Usually tenderloin beef served at most restaurants retail for at least RM20+, or many folds more. But at Fuji's, a whole set with 2 mussels (cooked in same way as the previous Garlic Mussels), grilled greens, dipping sauces (the creamy mayo was spot-on!) rice and miso soup, as well as a glass of Thai milk tea or coffee, was shockingly priced at about 180baht/RM18 (I think). A steal, given the juicy cubes of beef was not of the most stingy portion.

Apologies for the lack in details of the dishes, given the fact that I did not jot them down from the menu in time. Yeah, rookie mistake I know, but I'm a mere mortal. Pardon moi? ;)

Location : Fuji Japanese Restaurants in most major shopping complexes in Bangkok. Here's their site, but mostly in Thai language.


mboy said...

Ohhh!!!! The okonomiyaki definitely was the best dish of the day!!!!!!!

-- ACK -- said...

yooo...miss them soooo much la.. =P
yea, agree.. the Japanese pancake is the BEST!! :)

wei.. Akamomiji serves Japanese pancake too... Tat day we ordered seafood if not mistaken.. Taste not bad, can have a try.. :)

so, when's the nxt visit there?? ur treat?? muahahaha...

foodbin said...

those are quite a bundle of great Japanese food-i always have a soft spot for them.

Izad said...

Did you try any of the Sukishi restaurants in Bkk? Their prices are quite reasonable too.. and the food is good.

Reanaclaire said...

wow..these look more delicious than our local ones.. oh i m feeling hungry.. 10.40pm..

ck lam said...

The Special Bento Set with Sashimi has all the wonderful colors and looks simply delicious.

Wilson Ng said...

there's one in central world.

my fren told me they are quite good and popular in bangkok....

nice one!

Big boys Oven said...

looks really good, well recommended!

Anonymous said...

MUSSELS were really affordable!!! overall food look good ya!

iamthewitch said...

They're available in Phuket too! I went there once and loved it! Really good quality food at reasonable prices. If only there's a branch here in Malaysia...

ai wei said...

tempting tempting! i wan jap food!!!

besides, the interior is great

Duckie said...

oh doesn't matter on the lack of details of the dishes. the pictures itself looks good enough!!!

thule a.k.a leo said...

pergi thailand makan japanese???

Elin Chia said... sure know how to tempt me with those delicious sashimi and soba. I love Japanese food ! :p thanks for sharing all these mouth watering pics :)

minchow said...

OMG!! One whole runny egg on okonomiyaki!! Somebody emulate this in KL NOW!!!

J2Kfm said...

mboy : yeah , agreed. though on the 2nd day, it somehow lost its novelty touch.

ACK? KCA? : yes ah? when bringing me over to Akamomiji leh? I'm still waiting til neck like giraffe liao.

foodbin : me too. nothing beats a glutton of a Japanese meal!

Izad : Sukishi? nolah, sadly. where are they? in shopping complexes as well?

reana : true, dont compare to the usual Sushi King/Genki Sushi/Sakae Sushi. they're miles apart in terms of quality.

ck lam : befitting of the title special bento set.

Wilson Ng : yeah, we ate at Central World on the 2nd day.

BBO : thanks. I cant help but recommending Japanese food lately.

Simplegirl : yes indeed. almost all of the items in the menu looked good, and cheap in comparison to their counterparts in Msia.

iamthewitch : yeahloh! that's what we kept on saying. IF only there's a branch here. sure give the usual Japanese fast food restaurants a run for their money.

ai wei : true. it was very modern, clean and spacious, with lots of mirrors to boost that airy effect.

duckie : :) yeah, my bad, for being amnesiac on both visits. probably too hungry to snap the menu.

thule : haha, sounds funny right? actually, it aint. atfer the umpteenth Thai meal, you'll feel like a break.

Elin : you're welcomed Elin. guess this gives u a good idea on what to prepare for your piggies next? :)

Julian Si said...

I remember Fuji very well from my days in Pattaya ... Ah those were the days :-)

soo sean said...

Are you sure the shasimi bento set is 260B? cos I had exactly the same set in Phuket, 190B w/o chawan mushi and 220B with chawan mushi. Or is it more expensive in Bangkok? I hope no offend to you, I am just curious.

J2Kfm said...

soo sean : aiks? so cheap? i think 240baht without the chawan mushi and 260 baht with.
definitely more than 200baht per set.

cariso said...

I also went for Jap food during my Bkk trip. They got so many of them which I couldn't resist picking one to test it out!

J2Kfm said...

yeahlah, cariso. nothing wrong with going Japanese, or Western in Thailand. :)

since people come to Malaysia also not only for the Malay food right?

gill gill said...

Kuro Buta Set (black hog @ RM20)?? is cheap! my friend who works in japanese Restaurant mentioned the origin japanese black hog cost is at least 3-4 times higher then the norm.

Bangkok Hotels said...

Japanese food is very delicious ,very good for health. Thank you for you story blog. By the way, Bangkok is very good location.It's the center for a wide range of tourism: culture, boat travel, shopping, food,entertainment by day & by night. Bangkok is an enchanting colorful city that attracts many tourists. Each year many travelers from all over the world head to Bangkok for business and travel, especially in November through April which is the high season in Thailand.

J2Kfm said...

gill gill : yeah true. and we were glad we ordered the pork, for hardly find good pork in M'sia.

Bangkok Hotels : yes, I like Thailand a lot, actually. esp Bangkok, for the city that never sleeps had us eager for more.

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The food is incredibly delicious .. I love Japanese food ! thanks for sharing all these mouth watering pics :)

Cora Bullock said...

Quite appetizing! And it's my first time to see a Japanese pizza. What is in there? I hope the restaurant itself is as good as the food they serve!

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