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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet The Floggers : A Precious (Pea) Story

June 6th, 2009 : Thanks be to the Precious one, who's on such tight schedule recently, warping around eating, gorging, bingeing, swallowing, rampaging, and demolishing every bit of delicious food in sight. And yet STILL remembered her promise on delivering the Hairy Berry to the doorsteps (or rather, vicinity) of that famous Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee in Taman Sri Sentosa.
The icing on the cake? She tagged along not one, not two, not five nor even ten, but FOURTEEN (yup, more than a dozen!) floggers for the event! A not-too-modest breakfast crawl .... of gargantuan proportion's more like it!

Kung Fu Smooth Ban Mee - Even the holy ones flocked to da place for pan mee ..... wait, anchovies/minced pork's not sinful meh?! Or they're there solely for the KUNG FU part?!

And out of the 13 floggers (yours truly not included), I've only met a handful before this. Therefore it was officially my FIRST acquiantance with the other celebrities from the blogosphere.

The Dry version of the famed Kung Fu Pan Mee - Before and After tossing with chilli sauce with a squeeze of lime

Of course, to imagine myself crawling over to this well-hidden outlet in Taman Sri Sentosa is a near impossible task, being a rather lost soul and all. Hence we gathered at SS2, whereby out of the many potentially hazardous-cum-daredevils, 3 were appointed as drivers/chauffeurs to carry the team safely to the desired destination.

The Wet/Soup version of the Pan Mee

Unlike the average version of pan mee (flour noodles) commonly in the form of strands, or uneven blocks (from the 'pinching' action), this version here is as unorthodox as it gets. The noodles is in fact, about an inch or more wide, smooth (hence the given moniker), and very long. Almost too long to be eaten in one slurp. The accompanying bells and whistles ensued; Minced pork, chopped mushrooms, crispy anchovies and tapioca leaves.

Served in either soup or dry version, one can opt for the BIG (RM6) or SMALL (RM5) serving. Condiments include the compulsory chilli sauce and a squeeze of lime.

Pandan Chicken
Of course, one can't be banking on pan mee alone, and wish to satisfy the crowd. They do offer other noodle dishes (which was creatively displayed in their 'menu' of sorts, with photos INSIDE a small album), as well as pandan chicken. Yup, heard that right, the famous Thai signature dish of Pandan leaf-wrapped chicken meat marinated, and deep-fried to perfection. Of course, rather loosely used term here, as looks were deceiving.
Not the most authentic nor delicious version out there, but with a chunkier piece of boneless chicken meat, albeit lacking in flavour.

The lady performing the KUNG FU part of the Kung Fu Pan Mee
Indeed, one might get slightly curious, how can one perform kung fu while cooking a harmless, mild-mannered bowl of pan mee? Of course, the secret Shaolin technique of cooking (or rather, whipping up a storm?) the almighty Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee lies in .............................................
The Stretching Part. Or so it seemed. Since she mentioned that the cooking area's off-limits to nosy, pestering kids (read : us), I could only stood from miles away and watched intently. The dough (yup, the flour noodles were rolled up in a block of dough-like material) was prepared beforehand, then rolled out, stretched, and erm, 'kung-fu-ed' until became flat, long & smooth slabs of pan mee to be cooked in the broth.
Location : Red Tea Junction aka Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee @ 28, Jalan Seri Sentosa 9A/133, Taman Sri Sentosa, Bt 6 1/2, Jln Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel No : +6016-288 3911 (Jesmond Molly).

Dry Beef Noodles

This being a breakfast crawl (aptly titled : Kung Fu Moo Moo Cow by Pea herself), it was a no-brainer where we headed to next. Yup, something beefy, something stocky .... Beef Noodles.

A wiser choice of Lou Shu Fan (rat's tail noodles/short rice noodles), Bowl of beef balls and offals, and Stewed Beef Brisket with Radish
A thoroughly disappointing affair, save for the beef balls, tripes etc. The mee was a bit off, losing the bouncy/springy texture, and even admitted by the lady boss to be such. The stewed beef briskets with radish looked promising; Rich, dark broth immersing chunks of tender beef briskets and radish. But once again proving looks are NOT everything, the bowl of briskets lost the previous Midas touch, according to Pea. Thankfully, we did not order another bowl to be shared.

Yang Kee Beef Noodles & the Pricelist.
Location : Yang Kee Beef Noodles @ No 52, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2, Taman OUG, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel No : +603-7784 3739.
Business hours : Tuesday - Saturday 8.30am - 6.00pm. Sundays & public holidays 8.30am - 4.00pm. Mondays are off-days.
So what's NEXT after the double breakfasts?! Let's 'Butter Up the Mic, and Yodel Away?!!

The simple, yet satisfyingly rich butter cake from the OUG wet market. (Thanks Simon! Muahaha .... The consequences of too busy jivin' away to Jai Ho to see his cake disappearing in a flash!!!)

Since Pea and wmw had been giving sc the jitters PRE-karaoke session (hehe), I can't possibly miss a star-studded FREE concert, attended by not only the aforementioned stars, but the localised Jackie Cheung (now exported to Singapore on weekdays) as well!

Only at Neway, baby. And the butter cake from OUG market (click HERE for thenomadGourmand's raves and directions) cleansed the palate really well. With intermittent roars of laughter and rounds of applause courtesy of those 'priceless' performances, one just couldn't help but wished that the curtain did not call.

And after much screaming and screeching, we adjourned to our last stop, the Otak-Otak Place at One Utama. The half an hour wait for their 3pm Tea-Time Specials was hilarious, with us spending time playing Happy Family (bet some of you techies have no recollection whatsoever of this classic card game) while waiting.

And that's a wrap, folks.

List of Attendees (in no particular order) :
Precious Pea - The organizer, the celebrated and the one with 2 dogs, and soon a kangaroo.
wmw - Don't scold me for my Houdini disappearances. Least I stayed til the END that day?
Boo-licious - The idol. Nuff said.
Jason - Ipoh Mali, and far from Sombong. P/S : Rmbr the CENDOL post ok?!
Citygal - one half of that cute couple, kampungboycitygal, and from Ipoh as well.
Nic - Extraordinaire of a photographer, striving for perfection in every shot.
Simon Seow - Wacky guy, with flawless just-wake-up hair!
Unkaleong - ANOTHER Ipoh guy, and far from being an uncle, nick's misleading sometimes.
Rebecca - The nomad gourmand, who discovered the butter cake.
Foodcookies - Serene whom I first met in Cheras ages ago.
SC - Savvy traveller/backpacker, serial when it comes to BKK. Help! Can't find myself a room lah, sc ... be needing your help REAL soon.
Kusashikeat - Another Ipoh guy! Wow ... I'm amazed. Now if I can only remember where's the dim sum restaurant he mentioned ....
Tankiasu - A sexy beast. on the Xanga platform.


Lingzie said...

ah this pan mee is called kung fu pan mee izzit? lol
i call it the obscure tmn sri sentosa pan mee.. but i doubt its that obscure anymore since the blogosphere has been buzzing about it for quite some time. definitely very good pan mee! was desperately wanting a bowl the other day when i was in KL...drove there only to remember that it's closed on mondays!!

oh and i'm DYING to try that oug wet market butter cake......

CRIZ LAI said...

It looks as though I would want to try this out. Pea~~ wait for me before you go kick the kangaroo :P Hmm... it looked like Rebecca owed me more than China Burger now... mana my butter cake ar?? hehe

Sugar Bean said...

Sob sob, I want to join too! :(

I've said so many times that I wanted to visit Taman Sri Sentosa's pan mee but haven't do so. Aiks, would try it out definitely when I'm back!

New Kid on the Blog said...

hey, isn't this is the one feature in Chui Ling's program last nite, the 5meals a day.

so nice to meet up with all these celebrity bloggers, i wish i could have a chance to meet them too.

or shall we have a blogger gathering between ipoh, kl and penang? hahahha

Pureglutton said...

Aaww... and I had to miss this event - what a bummer!

Selba said...

It must be a wonderful floggers gathering :)

Yummm.. the pandan chicken looks so tasty!

UnkaLeong said...

Great to finally meet you bro. Next time you in town, I'll take you out for Curry Mee, ok?

Ciki said...

a sexy beast. on the xanga platform! that's so cute! :P

nice gt2gthr.. didja all crawl home wiv heavy bellies i wonder?!

next time i must come!

Ciki said...

oooo.. that's his site's name.. ok ok.. sori :P

ck lam said...

Sure like to venture to this makan places...the food looks good.

sc said...

haha savvy backpacker? and after all my horrific travelling stories, you still think that? ok, me or FB me, will discuss on BKK and try my level best to help out :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Great write up abt tht day..and talking abt misleading moniker..ur aint much of a motormouth frm what i observed! ;)
@criz: wahhh..china burger..butter cake..

Unknown said...

wow.... the pan mee looks great.... and the butter cake too. ^-^

worldwindows said...

Wonder if they have a branch in Puchong Jaya (opp IOI Mall) near to the Public Bank?

fufu said...

the noodles are quite expensive ya... i still cant get rm 2.50 wantan noodle here in my hometown ;] but anyway i would like to try the pandan chicken =p

jason said...

Too bad the beef noodles were bad huh... they looked good actually. :)

choi yen said...

The pan mee just featured in TV yesterday, I think I don't like this version, too thin for me, I like thick thick pan mee with strong flour-ly taste :P

Bangsar-bAbE said...


J2Kfm said...

Lingzie : really abuzz now? i've no idea its that popular. but seriously, a bit over-rated. at least to me, that is.

Criz Lai : China burger? aiks, which one is it?

Sugar Bean : come lah! but you're miles away eh?

NKOTB : it was? i missed that last night as i was having dinner outside. the pan mee or the beef noodle?

Pureglutton : yeah, you were somewhere else?

Selba : LOOKS tasty, but erm, rather deceiving, really.

Unkaleong : nice to bump into you two. i meant, you too. =P

Cumi & Ciki : LOL. it's his blog's title lah ...alamak.

ck lam : a bit away from city, therefore had to rely on locals (again, a loosely used term here).

sc : but its the experience that counts, right?! i'll FB u lah, but wait til i get my facts right.

thenomadGourmand : hahaha ... it was indeed a pleasure meeting all of you. motoring/bulldozing my way through the food, instead?

Food Paradise : butter cake's surprisingly good. but judgimng from rebecca's raves and rants, ought to be.

worldwindows : that, you've gotta ask them KL bloggers. :) me have no idea.

fufu : your hometown? where's it? even in Ipoh wantan mee's about RM3, with char siew.

jason : yeah, promising. but glue-y lah ... and the noodles a bit off.

mimid3vils : i like thin thin pan mee, but kon lou, and served with good sambal.

bangsar Babe : heard you there!!!! =P

fatboybakes said...

drat, missed a great outing... bah. sulking.

Elin Chia said...

I like the pandan chicken..looks tasty and the way they wrap the chicken is 'stylo' :)) from this post, I gather you had fun..lotz of fun :)))

J2Kfm said...

FBB : hahaha ... whilst you were baking. your arse off. =P

Elin : it was indeed an eye-opener of sorts. from the eating to the dancing.

Kenny Mah said...

Nice pikcher of all the clothes-pegs in a row... Amazing our Malaysian creativity to improve the orders-taking speed, no? :D

cariso said...

Where can I get one pan mee like this in PG uh?!

J2Kfm said...

LFB : pegs are in order. very efficient stuff i tell ya.

cariso : PG ah? erm, not the same, but more or less loh. the one in BJ flats there is good, i think.

HairyBerry said...

ohhh, never knew the place is called red tea! btw, who's jackie cheung? hehehehehehe....

nice gathering. must meet again when u r in town!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi, the pan mee.

Simon Seow said...

You know how to get flawless just wake up hair? Don't comb after you wake up lol.

kevin_chungx said...

wow, the pan mee and the pandan chicken look so enticing! :p
Hope that the shop will be shifted to ipoh, haha

J2Kfm said...

Nic : dunno, but the namecard got the name Red Tea Junction. dunno its the brand or wat.

NKOTB : oh ok.

Simon Seow : oooohhhh.. like dat lah? save a lot of time, and $ on gels and such eh?

kevinchung : Ipoh? nah ... hardly can do business if charge that price here.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow great gathering, we missed this as we were abroad working lol! we are back at the moment! :)

§pinzer said...

sounds like a great gathering! :D

J2Kfm said...

BBO : there's always another gathering round the corner ... I'm sure.

Spinzer : yeah indeed it was, with that many celebs attending, slightly overwhelmed.

ai wei said...

aiks. i missed out this wonderful event. not able to join cz my best-ie who came back from malacca need a meet up

J2Kfm said...

aiya, ai wei, sure got another round one ... i hope. ;)

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