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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cameron Highlands - Strawberry Delights

If you're at a crossroad in life, which way to turn? Left, or right? >_<

The spiralling path to the peak ... though milder in comparison to the Tapah way, aka nausea-inducing roads of doom ....

Taken through the passenger's seat window, this photo came out a blur ... but the name of the destination was obvious. Cameron Highlands, HERE WE COME AGAIN !!!

8 months soldiered on, and we are here again, on the highlands. A cool, breezy, and relaxing spot to chill, and wind down. An escapade to a simpler life, watching the farmers at work, vendors heavily promoting their products at the market, and the residents kicking back on a weekend, sipping tea and enjoying their steamboat meals. Not to mention the droves of tourists from all over, having a jolly good time at this spot.

Our accomodation - Honeymoon Villa on Brinchang

Previously we stayed at Desa Anthurium apartments in the middle of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. But this time, we booked an apartment for 10, at Brinchang. Yup, there were TEN of us, and the place fitted us nicely, with 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. For RM200 nett. No air-cond (obviously), but with hot water supply (not showers), and TV, possibly the smallest TV around, all 14" of it, captivating us with the "live" telecast of the Olympics.

Rows of new shoplots in Brinchang

Cameron Highlands has been, and is still, developing as an agricultural hub (for its vegetables, fruits and flowers produce) and a fascinating tourism spot. For its history, accomodation options, restaurants, and sight-seeing galore, do visit HERE for more information, or Wikipedia's page HERE.

Giant, colourful statues of cactuses welcoming everyone to the Cactus Valley and Agro Tourism Garden at Brinchang

Situated opposite the rows of new shoplots, housing some inns, and various eateries, is the Cactus Valley, a prominent place for tourists and locals alike. Entrance fee is RM4 per adult, RM2 per child. Opens daily from 8am til 6pm. Attractions include cactuses, endless pots of them on display, and for sale. Some of the more outstanding species (ie : BIG, colourful, and EXPENSIVE!!) are also available here.

Wa-hey! FOC!! ;)

But one visit is sufficient to cover the whole area, and subsequent visits may induce boredom and cactus-overdosage. Therefore, for this visit, we did not enter Cactus Valley, but instead hurried over to the garden next to the place; an Agro-Tourism Garden/Plantation.

Bright orange flora ... whatever the species is ...

Butterhead lettuce, raised utilizing the hydroponic system

Before, and After - The transformation from pale, colourless fruit to a bright, fiery red juicy strawberry, begging to be plucked
Temptations abound .... though the warning sign restricting, I can't help myself from touching the forbidden fruits ...
Especially when this special pair of twins/freaks of nature awkwardly resembled the human anatomy ... =P
Various ways to serve them, available at the cafe
Strawberry Sundae (RM5.90)

What's the purpose of visiting Cameron, if not for the strawberries? The cafe atop the plantation serves several interesting strawberry desserts, from the sundae and yoghurt, to the shakes, juices and waffles.

Thick, strawberry shake (RM4.90)

Yoghurt with Fresh Strawberry (RM3.90)

If you're one born with a sweet tooth (or two), you'll probably be spoilt for choice, and tempted to try most of the strawberry desserts. The sundae came in a tall plastic container, with smooth vanilla ice-cream, lots of whipped cream, drizzles of honey, and of course, lots of strawberry slices at the bottom. The strawberry shake is brimming with flavour, sweet but with a slight hint of sourness, you can really taste the freshness of this concoction. The yoghurt with strawberries strangely gave us the impression of eating 'tau fu far', though the generous drizzling of honey was sickeningly sweet.

Cam-whoring with the sundae ... Pls do not follow their footsteps! =P

As you might have realized, explanation is rather scarce for this post, as I'm a bit drowsy from all the travelling lately. Withdrawal syndrome, if you will. Lots more to come on Cameron Highlands, an ideal destination for the family, and an unforgettable gathering with friends.


Anonymous said...

My gosh, your photos are getting better and better, unbelievable, the yellow flowers, the strawberry indeed out of the world both red and white; This is sincerely a unique photo.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, will try out ALL the strawberry desserts, from the sundae and yoghurt, to the shakes, juices and waffles. Maybe leave out the extra whipped cream though.

And also carry some colourful cacti home... Hehe, to feel like a child again... :)

backStreetGluttons said...

CH used to be a tryst of sorts for some of us , jogging at 6am , steamed at 11 am , Robinsons at 3pm , hole no 13 at 6 pm , stoned at 11pm and yes its time(!) at 1 am...

Anonymous said...

Yikes!I think the TV is not even 14 inch!Definitely smaller than that!!!

Min said...

How come I didn't realize there are white strawberries? I saw those red ones only, hehe. BTW, saw some familiar faces in the last pic, is there any chance we can get a photo with you in it? Anyway, it's an enjoyable trip with you guys :-)

Mummy In Vain said...

wow, nice photos u have! have never been to see the strawberry plantation even though have been to cameron a few times long ago.

J2Kfm said...

jencooks : thanks! the shot on the ripe and unripe strawberries shows the same fruit, with different characteristics, just like humans? :)

kenny mah : haha, the sweet stuff really is alluring huh? I felt like a child again, as 10 yrs ago, I went there in a school bus.

BSG : jogging at 6am??!!! OMG, we were still dozing til 9-10am!

MBoy : smaller than 14" meh? I couldnt care less as I was straining my eyes watching the small screen.

min : haha, yeah those picturesque people blended well with the environment ma, while me on the other hand, will just spoil a good photo!

mummy in vain : thanks, and probably fine time to visit now that the road is getting better.

Shell (貝殼) said...

big cup of sundae + fresh strawberries only selling at rm5.90....i wan two cups,thanks^^

Ciki said...

looks like the honeymoon villa from hell!! arrrrggh... lol.. how do these ppl pick names.. it kills me i tell ya;D love the sign board (life is hard huh?)luv the cacti.. luv the siamese strawberries.. luv the post - u always take us on a journey - keep it up:D

J2Kfm said...

shell : sure, tapau for you next time. =P

cumi & ciki : villa from hell? hahah ... not that bad. quite clean and spacious for 10. a journey's all we need sometime, rite?

choi yen said...

Those desserts look absolutely enticing~~~

J2Kfm said...

mimid3vils : indeed they were ...